How to Create a Beautiful & Professional Website in WordPress Step by Step full training course

How to Create a Beautiful & Professional Website in WordPress Step by Step full training course

When creating a website, aesthetics aren’t everything – but they definitely matter.
Have you ever visited a website that was cluttered, had colors that clashed, or a design that made it hard to read and navigate? Your response was probably to click away and go looking for another website to visit in its place.

If you don’t know anything about web design, but you know it’s time to start that website you keep thinking about, you’re probably wondering to how to make a website that will both look good and accomplish your goals.

For aspiring website owners that don’t know how to code and don’t have the budget to hire a designer (or would simply rather not spend that money), the best answer is to use an online website builder.

drag and drop website builder
Why Create a Website with a Website Builder?
Website builders are a fast and easy way to get started with a new website or blog. And this is one case where taking the easy route doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. You can create a truly beautiful and effective website with the right website builder.

Here are three benefits to using a website builder.

1. You can use website templates designed by professional designers.
Any good website builder you consider will include a number of attractive templates that have been designed by skilled web designers. That means you get to take advantage of their skills without paying top dollar, like you would if you hired them on your own.

In most cases, the designers that create templates for website builders will have knowledge of web design best practices and incorporate them into the templates they create. Even if you don’t have a good eye for visuals or website UX (user experience), you can trust that the people who created the template you start with do.

choose beautiful website template
By starting with a good template, it’s easy to build a website that looks beautiful and makes a good impression on your visitors.

2. You don’t have to learn how to code.
Coding languages are complicated and intimidating to anyone that doesn’t already know them. And even some people who know how to code find it challenging. But you can skip over dealing with all that completely. Choosing the best website builder for your business or site saves you from having to learn to code.

And notably, it means you’ll also never have to deal with coding when making later updates. People that hire a designer to build their website will still have to struggle with HTML down the line when they need to make additions and changes. With a website builder, every future update will be simple.

3. You can make the website your own.
The templates are a good starting point, but you don’t want your website to look just like all the other websites created from the template you chose. Don’t worry. You still have room to add your own style and make sure the end results look beautiful to you, while still being intuitive for your visitors.

You can change out colors, add and remove different elements of the page, and move things around with simple drag-and-drop website builder functionality. Starting with a template provides a good shortcut, but from there it’s entirely up to you what you choose to do with it.

How to Create a Website with a Website Builder
If you’re sold on the idea of using a website builder, then it’s time to get started. These are the steps to building a beautiful website using a website builder.
What web hosting service do YOU use? Also, do you purchase your domain from the same provider as your hosting service? Drop your recommendations in the comments below.

How to Create a Beautiful & Professional Website in WordPress Step by Step
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How to Create a Beautiful & Professional Website in WordPress Step by Step full training course

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