The Best WordPress Theme Ever? (2018) [Salient Theme Review]

Why do you want to do a WordPress theme?

Right now I am making this video exclusively for people that want to do a serious project/business or even more so for web designer/freelancers.

Table of Contents –
4:25 Skip to Salient Demo View
7:30 – First Demo
13:10 – Look Inside The Theme
13:50 – Salient Studio ( New Feature of WordPress Theme)
15:30 – Developing a Quick Page using Theme
18:03 – Mobile Responsiveness
19:00 – Support & Response Time with Theme
20:43 – Customization Options inside of Theme
24:41 – Favorite Marketing Tools
28:19 – What is a spitdraft?
33:06 – A word on the Genius of the Creator of the Theme (Themenectar)

Insane amount of Templates & Blocks
The Customization
Have Fun

I see a lot of Top 10 themes out there and I personally believe after having years of experience that you should choose one theme and stick with it.

So I am going to go through my favorite theme that I’ve used consistently for nearly 3 years that is tried and true and why I think its the greatest in the world for what I do and hopefully for you.

I am going to go over the functionality, the customization, templates, demos, mobile responsiveness, and I wanted to make a clear point on what the

One, to be a successful brand you need to learn an insane amount of other things and bogging yourself down with tons of different themes, trying them out, free or not along with positioning, researching your audience etc. can be exhausting.

So you want to keep it as simple and efficient as possible so you can actually start getting to what will really get you business like using your site to get you leads/clients.

Brand Positioning

So for now I am going to imagine your a web designer since this is mostly who its geared to but this video will absolutely still apply if you really want to start a business.

Demo Content

Demo content is the reason you want to try to have all your audience, content and who are targeting figured out as much as possible. This is where the theme’s power truly lies.

The demo content and different positions already built inside of the theme are incredible starting points for anyone to get their feet wet and gives a good boost in clarity and design.

I usually change a lot but sometimes it fits so well with my copywriting spit draft that it syncs very well most of the time.


I am a firm believer in content first, design 2nd. You should always figure out the best way to serve your audience before trying to wow them with shiny objects because they will thank you for it in the end and maybe even give you buy your stuff.

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For me, I hated seeing websites that looked like they were from the 90s. They were still a ton of them 3 or 4 years ago. I always thought I had an eye for BS so I figured many people in my generation were probably even better than me.

That’s why I chose this theme. It stunned me from the beginning and gave me the ability to make the site how I wanted it and even better than I imagined.

Ease of Content Build

This is where I show you how is it is to create a page if you already know what content you want to put into the page.

This theme uses visual composer which I still believe is one of the best design widgets out there. Yes you still aren’t able to see it while you create it but its very powerful.

Especially with the new template block feature.

Storyboarding Process & How to Use it

I wanted to briefly explain my super simple storyboarding process and why I do most of it in the

Mobile Responsiveness

This theme does an insane job at making everything mobile friendly. I do recommend checking and going through every single page and element before.

Copywriting & Content Creation –

Word on the Genius of Nectar

that everything must be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.

Here is another big reason why I believe it is the best in the world for what I do. Nectar has literally taken the very best functions from all the themes and competitors in the world and condensed it into what would be necessary and useful.

It doesn’t overwhelm you with a ton of gadgets, features and extra elements to stay on top of the latest trend. It figures out the most rewarding trend and features it in the theme.

If it proves to be successful in the marketplace Nectar will take it into his own and make it even better for you in the theme.

So no it won’t have all the gadgets or the newest coolest stuff, although it does have a lot of cool shit, it has the necessary and most powerful shit for a theme to offer.

He’s also made it fun to make business beautiful.

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The Best WordPress Theme Ever? (2018) [Salient Theme Review]
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