Kalium Law / Attorney WordPress Theme [Review] 2019 | LIVE

Kalium Law / Attorney WordPress Theme [Review] 2019

The Kalium Lawyers and Attorneys WordPress Theme has been designed for 2019 using the newest Gutenberg WordPress development framework. This WordPress website theme will look even better than ever and will load faster too. Major advances in website development has been achieved in the last 12 months and the results are amazing. Every device which this website theme is viewed will be a superior experience as compared to the past.

The Kalium Lawyers WordPress Theme has a traditional look and feel and allows the site owner to focus on value propositions and services they offer. Prospects and current clients will have comfort in the professionalism and expertise you present on the site.



Mobile Ready:

This WordPress website theme is fully mobile responsive so you can reach anyone on cell phones, tablet PCs, laptops and and desktops. It will adjust for the perfect view whether is is horizontal or vertical. Perfect, if you are planning on marketing to mobile devices.

Lawyers and Teams:

You an assemble your team of attorneys on a single page and break them down by specialization. You can even showcase certain attorneys on the home page an other pages if you choose. If you do not have a team, the theme is also adaptive to a single attorney. Support staff can be added as well.

News and Events:

Start a blog about your firm and talk about news and events that matter to you and your audience. Send out your blog posts via social media to drive awareness and traffic to your site. Doing so will also help in your search rankings with Google Search, Bing Search and others.

Practice Areas Page:

This WordPress theme template includes a “Practice Areas” page so you can inform and educate those who are interested in your areas of legal focus. He has an really nice looking “accordion view” with drop-downs for easy reading.

Services Page:

Include all your services on the services page. You can include TABS on left side of the page which allows the viewer to quickly tab to different areas of services you provide. You can have many or just a few. Videos can even be added to each services section to inspire those wanting those services to call you.

Careers Page:

This WordPress website theme included a “Careers” page so you can add different career opportunities for future candidates considering joining your team or law firm.


This lawyer/attorney WordPress theme template is a great choice for anyone wanting to upgrade their attorney/lawyer website or have a new one built. It has the feel of professionalism and allows the firm to display their services, partners, teams and staff members for all to see. You can add social media to drive traffic to your firm or use it a way to display your firm to those you are marketing to. I give it high marks..

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Kalium Law / Attorney WordPress Theme [Review] 2019 | LIVE

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