How To Make A WordPress Website 2018

Learn how to create a professional WordPress website using the Enfold theme. I always want to give the viewers the best! Well, The Enfold Theme is one of the best themes there is. In this video I will walk you through all the steps that enable you to create a professional website!

As a webdesigner I come across a lot of clients who have certain wishes. Sometimes they have their own theme already in mind. Almost every time I convince them that it is also possible with the Enfold theme. I know that theme the best and it works like charm! With WordPress and the Enfold theme you can make outstanding websites! And I will show you everything I know about this theme in this tutorial! Goodluck with making a great website!

Get a Domain name and Webhosting:

Get The Enfold Theme:

Download the images I use in this tutorial:

Result of the tutoriale:

Overview of the WordPress Tutorial:
00:00 Intro
07:59 What We Will Cover
08:25 Get a Domain and Webhosting
11:58 Install WordPress
15:09 Clean up/organize the backend of your website

19:07 Create the pages that you want to have on your website
21:19 Create and assign your menu
24:23 Get the WordPress Enfold Theme
29:13 Install the Enfold Theme
32:16 Download the images I use in the tutorial

Configure the Enfold Theme:
35:57 Theme Options (choose homepage, upload logo and favicon)
36:03 General Layout
38:43 General Styling
42:51 Advanced Styling
44:49 Cusom CSS (LOVE THIS :D)
45:47 Main Menu
49:24 Header Settings
53:02 Social Profiles
57:07 Sidebar Settings
58:27 Footer Settings
01:01:44 Google Services
01:02:55 Demo import options

The Homepage
01:04:00 The Advanced Layout Editor Intro
01:06:10 Configure WordPress Settings
01:08:16 Create A Fullscreen Slider
01:11:09 Make the menu transparent and remove the title header
01:11:51 Change the transparency of the header area
01:13:36 Add 2 Call To Action Buttons To The Slider
01:17:38 Create a Section Area with Icon Boxes, Sliders and Buttons
01:18:03 Optimize your images for Google
01:19:10 Adjust the background area for Tablets and Smartphones
01:21:04 Configure The Icon Box
01:22:42 Change the body font size of your website
01:23:37 Configure the Image Slider
01:25:05 Add A Button
01:26:07 Duplicate Columns, Elements or Sections to save time

The About Page
01:30:15 Use The Color Section in combination with colors, text blocks and images
01:30:47 The Text Block Element
01:31:05 The Image Element
01:33:07 Configure the color section
01:35:05 Configure the column settings
01:36:59 Add an anchor link
01:37:54 Create a Slogan area
01:39:58 Add testimonials in different ways
01:47:29 Apply anchor links (This is soo cool)
01:51:05 Add Social Share Icons

The Portfolio Page
01:53:01 Create Your First Portfolio Item
01:55:14 Configure the Portfolio Page
01:57:28 Create Your Second Portfolio item (a different way)
02:02:34 My favourite way of showing pictures in a portfolio item
02:04:43 Confgure the Portfolio Page Even More

Sidebar Widgets
02:09:20 Add Sidebar Widgets
02:11:53 Change the date of portfolio items
02:13:15 Footer Widgets

The Blog Page
02:14:00 Create Your First Blogpost
02:15:42 The Text Block explained
02:15:57 How to use headers and paragraphs in WordPress
02:20:04 Add styling and links to words and phrases
02:22:31 Add links to your Blogpost
02:23:16 Crop, resize and optimize images within WordPress
02:24:35 Get Free Images for your website
02:28:47 The Latest Blogposts Sidebar Widget
02:30:28 Change the header style
02:32:29 Add an excerpt text
02:33:36 Create A Second Blogpost
02:38:43 Create A Third Blogpost
02:42:40 Change the publish time of a blogpost
02:43:50 Configure the Blogpage
02:47:51 Add the comments option to a blogpost
02:48:28 Configure the Blogpage more freely
02:54:50 Configure the Blogpost Offset

Sidebar and Widgets
02:56:53 Add a custom Sidebar Area
03:00:40 Add the facebook likebox
03:01:16 Add footer widgets
03:05:37 Configure the footer widget area

The Contact Page
03:07:24 Create A Contact Form
03:09:36 Add a widget area for the Contact Page

The Services Page
03:12:05 Save an area on your website as template (Section, Colimn, Element)
03:12:56 Configure the Services Page
03:21:59 Use A Free Videobackground

The latest adjustments
03:26:55 Optimize the website for Smartphones and tablets


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Thanks guys and goodluck!

In this video I will teach you how to create a website from scratch using WordPress and the Enfold theme. Even if you are new to WordPress, through this course you will become a WordPress expert!

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How To Make A WordPress Website 2018

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