How To Add Images And Other Media To Your WordPress Website

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How To Add Images And Other Media To Your WordPress Website

Adding images and other media files such as videos, documents or PDFs is extremely easy within WordPress. All your images and files are stored in the Media Library.

Once they’re uploaded into the Media Library, it’s a very simple matter to insert them into your Page or Post content.

In the case of files such as Word Documents or PDFs, if necessary, it’s a simple process to create links to those files so that people can then download them.

How To Insert An Image In WordPress

Using the WordPress media manager, it’s extremely simple to insert, align and link your individual images and image galleries.

To insert an image into your Page-Post, click the Add Media button and then simply drag your images from wherever they are on your computer, into the browser window. Your files will be automatically uploaded.

Alternatively, click the Select Files button and then select the files that you’d like to upload, using the dialog window that is displayed.

It’s also possible to simply drag your image straight into the Visual Editor, rather than clicking the Add Media button.

No matter whether you’ve clicked the Add Media button or simply dragged and dropped your image into the Visual Editor, once your image is uploaded, your Media Library is displayed, which contains all your previously uploaded images. The images that you’ve just uploaded will be automatically ‘selected’ for easy insertion into your Page or Post. Selected images are shown with a tick icon in the top right corner of the image.
After uploading your images, you can then select other previously uploaded images by holding down the Ctrl key Cmd key on Macs and simply clicking on them. To deselect an image, click the ‘tick’ in the top right corner of the image.

At the bottom of the window you will see a count of the number of images currently selected.

There are several options within this Insert Media window to help make it easier to add images into your Page or Post.

By default, all previously uploaded images are shown, starting with the most recent uploads. If you’d like to narrow this list down, at the top of the window is a drop-down list that allows you to filter your displayed images by All media items, items Uploaded to this post-page, or Images, Audio files, Video files or Unattached files. You can also filter your media files by selecting a date, or alternatively, there is also a Search field that allows you to search for specific images.

The properties of the currently highlighted image i.e. The image with the blue border will be shown on the right hand side of the Insert Media window. These properties include the filename, the date the file was uploaded and the image size. It’s at this point you can also change the image Title, Caption, Alt Text and Description for each image, as well as the Alignment, Link and the Size at which the image is inserted.

Title – is displayed as a tool-tip when the mouse cursor hovers over the image in the browser
Caption – is displayed underneath the image as a short description. How this displays will be dependent on the WordPress theme in use at the time. You can also include basic HTML in your captions
Alt Text – is displayed when the browser can’t render the image. It’s also used by screen readers for visually impaired users so it’s important to fill out this field with a description of the image. To a small degree, it also plays a part in your website Search Engine Optimization SEO. Since search engines can’t read images they rely on the Alt Text
Description – is usually displayed on the attachment page for the media, however this is entirely up to the theme that is currently in use

How To Add Media To Your WordPress Website

For each image, you can select how you would like the image aligned, either Left, Center or Right aligned, using the Alignment drop-down list. You can also select None for no alignment which will mean the image will display using the default alignment setting for your Theme.

How To Add WordPress Media

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How To Add Images And Other Media To Your WordPress Website

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