Ep. 55 WordPress Vs. Shopify Vs. Custom Coding Vs. ClickFunnels

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Introduction to The Marketing Lyfe Podcast Ep. 55

Episode 55 of the marketing life podcast. This is tailored Timothy, your host. And today we’re going to be comparing wordpress versus Shopify versus custom coding and versus click funnels. So these are all different web based platforms that you can use to generate leads and sells for your business. So let’s not waste any more time and dive right in.

So first off guys, I’m going to be very bias upfront and just say I use wordpress. I use a theme called Devi and basically it has made my life easier and I can’t complain about it. So I use all the time. So wordpress is my bias, but I will say, and I will talk about these other ones today about their pros and cons as well. So first off, starting with wordpress, in my opinion, it’s super quick and easy to get set up and get running and installed. It’s very affordable. And the reason why I bring that up is if you really wanted to, you could pay for a dollar hosting, you could pay for your domain every year and pay like 12 bucks some a year just for your website. I don’t recommend this, but it is super affordable if you want to go that route. The third pro to wordpress in my opinion, is a lot of websites are built on wordpress, so the huge pro to that is there are tons of developers and tons of updates coming out all the time on wordpress to make sure your website stays up to date.

It stays secure and is constantly evolving. So tons of people use it and it can be amazing that way. Cons, there are too many theme options, so there’s a lot where it’s such a big platform. A lot of people offer free themes. They offered super cheap themes that suck and basically you have too many options and people get overwhelmed and because of all these bad themes, it’s created a bad vibe for wordpress. So there’s just too many options. A lot of people don’t know the direction to take when they’re using wordpress and which themes are good and what to use, so there’s just too many themes. Like I said, I use the Divi theme. Second thing, a lot of times if a wordpress website has any sort of custom code and that website and you go hit update, guess what happens? It crashes. So that’s a huge con.

If you want to code and you want to just be able to go update your website every now and again, just like a normal human wordpress user, it potentially will crash your website. The third thing is it’s a big learning curve, so it is a big learning curve to learn wordpress. It’s, it’s not the most, it’s not very technical, but it can take some time to really wrap your head around wordpress and how it works. But all in all with wordpress, like I said, I’m bias. What I have found with wordpress is if you pay for good web hosting, so my web host, I pay 30 bucks a month and if you pay for a good theme, a lot of times good themes can be 150 to $300 for forever though it’s just a one time purchase. A lot of times this thing is super robust and it is amazing.

But like I said, you got to spend some money on wordpress. If you want a killer website through wordpress. Now if you go the cheap route, you’re going to hate wordpress and it’s going to suck and you’re going to absolutely hate it and be a hater of wordpress for the rest of your life. So that’s going to wrap up wordpress. So let’s now talk about Shopify. So I haven’t used Shopify a ton personally, but, so one of the huge pros I will say in comparison to like even wordpress, is it has tons of shopping features. So if you’re trying to build like a, an online store, a, you’re selling tons of apparel and you’re selling tons of bracelets and things like that, like usually you’re gonna wanna use Shopify over wordpress. Now, wordpress can offer this and you can make it work, but it usually Shopify will win in that game.

If you have tons of products and they have tons of features to make the user experience of like shipping and things like that in the user of fulfilling, a lot of times Shopify can win that game. Now, one of the huge cons to Shopify is load speeds. So what I’ve found on Shopify stores is a lot of times the load speeds are super slow and you’re going to get slower load times, which means you’re going to get less conversions and bad user experience on that side of things if your customer is possibly new. So that’s one of the huge cons is the load speeds with Shopify. Now Shopify, um, you can is actually a little bit more expensive than wordpress. So you do have to pay for Shopify, if I remember, I don’t quote me on this, but it’s around $30 a month to have a Shopify website.

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Ep. 55 WordPress Vs. Shopify Vs. Custom Coding Vs. ClickFunnels

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