Business Pro WordPress Theme Formatting Problem Fix

How to fix the Business Pro WordPress theme bullet point and line spacing formatting problem. You can repair this issue by moving a two character code. I walk you through this easy process of changing the syle sheet css code in one area. When you are finished with the code change you are going to be shocked at how easy this solution to the Business Pro WordPress theme problem was executed.

What I went through:

1. I found this awesome FREE wordpress theme called the Business Pro

2. I spent about four hours finding the theme, downloading it and setting it up the way I wanted it to be.

3. I published some test content on one of the pages and it looked fine in the WordPress editor, but on the Internet the formatting wasn’t working right.

4. I searched all over the WordPress dashboard looking for some box to check or uncheck and found nothing.

5. I went to the Business Pro website and wanted to go on their forum, but had to create a WordPress membership in order to do so.

6. I created the membership with WordPress and started searching around the Business Pro forum for answers to the problem.

7. During my search, I discovered several posts dating way back referencing this formatting issue with bullet points and spacing.

8. I found several other threads complaining about the Business Pro WordPress theme cell phone view having alignment problems too. Something that I have to find a fix for as well…

9. I finally found a thread where the guy said he fixed the formatting problem, but as usual his explanation was lacking details. Perhaps a computer programer would have know what he was talking about right away, but I am an amateur coder.

10. I researched Google results trying to understand the coding language he used and found some good explanations.

11. I went to the WordPress Business Pro Theme page and downloaded the theme.

12. I extracted the “style sheet css file” just in case I messed something up I knew I could copy and paste the code from the download and I would be fine.

13. I proceeded to make changes to the Business Pro Theme’s style sheet css as per the hints the coder that had posted in the forum gave.

14. It took me about twenty minutes to finally get the two character piece of code moved into the correct position and it worked.

Here’s the deal, why doesn’t the developer fix this issue? The complaints in the WordPress forum about this Business Pro theme formatting problem date many months back. This thing should have been fixed a long time ago.

As soon as I fixed the problem, I knew I had to create a Youtube video showing how to fix the Business Pro WordPress theme formatting problem.

You are going to freak out when you see how ridiculously easy this problem is to correct.

Here’s the truth, this theme is an awesome design. I can’t even begin to imagine how many WordPress users installed this theme and stopped using it because of this bullet point and spacing problem.

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Business Pro WordPress Theme Formatting Problem Fix

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