WordPress Localhost All Problems Solved Video

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In This Video i will show how to use WordPress on your Localhost Windows PC.
First lets talk about software to use as host, there are many softwares including XAMPP, WAMPP are populat ones.
But i always use “UniServerZero” Software for WordPress any other HTTP use.

Benifits of UniServerZero over other Softwares:
1. it is light weight and portable : it is just 28mb to download and you can use it without Installing and carry it on USB or Card etc.

2. Easiest and Lightest to use : It is not only very small in size but it also use very less resources of your Computer i.e CPU and Memory comparatively than XAMPP and other Popular Software, it is also very easy to use with Simple GUI and large variety of Addons etc.

So I am using UniServerZero but you can also use any other Softwares or even without Softwares you can use Apache and PHP etc.

Now lets Talk about the Problems what normally people face using Any of these Programs to run WordPress.

1. Installation Problems :
There are mainly two Installation Problems which occurs to most of the users who tries to install these Programs, first is Requirements, although these programs don’t requires any thing to run but when they Run Apache, PHP, MySQL etc then you need to fullfull Requirement of Apache, PHP etc.

so first you have to check what version of PHP your Software is using, UniServerZero RUN PHP version 7.0+ on your Computer so for that you will need to Check Requirements of PHP 7.0+, just Google “Requirement 7.0+ Windows” and You will get VC Runtime etc to Download just Download and Install them, and you will be able to RUN your APACHE Server without any problem.
i have used this

to Download Requirement
on Download page make sure you choose your PHP version equivelent Runtime and not your windows Equievelent, in my case i was using x64 but my PHP was x86 thats why i installed just x86 version of Runtime.
you can check that by starting Apache then Open Task Manager and look for http_z.exe if you see only httpd_z.exe it is x64 if you see “httpd_z.exe 32*” then it is x86 then just Download x86 Version of Runtime.

There will be no harm if you install Both of these Runtime, so you can also Install Both.

Now Second Problem is about Port:
Many people don’t able to use these programs due to Port Problems, These softwares tries to run Apache on Port 80 , if some other program is using Port 80 then it will give error that port 80 is not Free, you can solve this problem by either changing port from 80 to some other Available Ports, or you can Close program Which is using Port 80,
For Changing port just follow my steps where i have change port 80 to port 8081 .
for Closing Program which is using Port 80 Just Download
TCPVIEW from here .

And search for HTTP or 80 in LocalPort with some program name, just right click and End Proccess it to free your 80 Port, then Open Apache.
Once you determine what is using port 80 you can then Change this software setting to ask it to use another port.

Now Problem Comes of Port Forwarding behind Firwall or Router:
here i am using TPLink Router, but you can apply same procedures on any Router
Just Open Your Router Settings page and Change Virtual Servers or Ports in Settings.
You can Further Search your Vendor Specific Setting in Google
by Typing “Router Name Port Open”

Now Third Issue is of WordPress Specific, i.e you can not share link with others and others can’t login to your Wp-Admin for this you just have to goto your www Folder and Edit your wp-config.php file and Paste this Code above this line
define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”);
or anywhere from new line

define(‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]);
define(‘WP_HOME’, ‘ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]);

it will ask WordPress to make SiteURL and HomeURL Dynamic and change them according to user Session,
so if user Browse from your internet IP it will make it your Internet IP as Site URL hence any one will be able to login even from remote.

If you have any Questions or any problem, you can ask in Comments.

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Wordpress Localhost All Problems Solved Video

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