WP Auto Commissions | [WORDPRESS] Plugin Adds 17 Methods to Earn Commissions | Bonus

WP Auto Commissions | [WORDPRESS] Plugin Adds 17 Methods to Earn Commissions | Bonus
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WP Auto Commissions is a never-seen-before WordPress plugin that gives you a chance to earn money on this very site using 17 powerful strategies. Yeah, you heard it right; 17 strategies at the same time! Undoubtedly, this will give both your life and your business a change for the better.

Now, there are plenty of benefits you can gain once using WP Auto Commissions. 17 methods might be its most incredible ability, but this does not mean its side features are not worth mentioning.

For instances, with it, you can make money from eBay, AliExpress, and Walmart. You can also create all kinds of ads. Plus, the tool even lets you turn any phrase you like into a link!


With years of experience in the marketing field, up to this point, Ankur has managed to launch a variety of powerful tools. Some of them, such as WP Freshstart and WP Fan Machine, turned out to be many entrepreneurs’ favorite.

• Ads
For this section, the tool will give you everything essential to fill your WordPress site with three kinds of advertisements: Adsense ads, banner ads, text ads, and the last one are image ads.
And do not worry, nothing complicate is going to pop up! All you have to do to get your ads is to fill in some necessary information. Then, WP Auto Commissions is going to take care of the rest.
• Affiliate offers
You can never expect your WordPress to bring you massive profits in a short time without including some affiliate offers. And WP Auto Commissions will help you take care of this!
Guess what? It enables you to get top products from 8 popular eCommerce sites with no string attached. These include Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Walmart, Best Buy, Gearbest, Clickbank, and Evanto. Just imagine how much you will be able to earn with them!
• Links
Adding links is quite a clever way to make your keywords stand out. And WP Auto Commissions will help you with this too! It will give you a technology called Inline link which automatically adds any link to any keyword you want. And all you need to do is to provide it with those.
On top of that, in the links section, you will also have access to In-text ads. This is a built-in tool allowing you to hide image within a keyword. And not until you drag your mouse across it will that image pop up!
• Call-to-action
There are four kinds of CTA you can include in your WordPress site once using WP Auto Commissions.
The first one is floating CTA which will appear as you scroll down your page.
The second one is a type of CTA that will show up at the top of your page.
The third one resembles a slider. Once someone has their mouse on it, your offer will appear.
Finally, the last type of CTA can display a popup on your site on entry or exit.

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WP Auto Commissions | [WORDPRESS] Plugin Adds 17 Methods to Earn Commissions | Bonus

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