WordPress SEO Tips You Need To Know

Use the Right Website Builder

WordPress SEO TipsWhile we do like and recommend self-hosted WordPress, not everyone is using it. If you’re not using it and you’re using a builder like Wix.com, Shopify.com, or others, you may have problems figuring out how to fix SEO issues.

Plugins That Help with On-Site SEO

One of the best SEO plugins for a self-hosted WordPress website is the Yoast SEO plugin. You can use it free but if you upgrade it, you’ll get more benefits from it.

Ensure Your Website Loads Fast

One thing that is most imperative from the get-go is that your website is fast loading. If it’s not, no amount of traffic is going to help. No one has the patience for a slow-loading site. What’s more, they typically won’t go back to try again.

Ensure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

While self-hosted WordPress is a great website builder, it is not always mobile friendly. You’ll need to ensure that you choose the right theme. Then, you must ensure that the type of images you add stay mobile friendly.

Unique Keyword on Each Page

When you create a new page on your website, it’s imperative that it uses a unique keyword that is different from the other keywords you’re using. For example, if you sell red widgets, you don’t want every single page to use “red widget” as the main keyword. Instead, you want to find other terms to use for each individual page.

Check All Redirect Issues

URL redirects are a way for a page to show up under more than one URL – also called URL forwarding. For example, let’s say you own many domains, like yourbiz.com, yourbiz.org, yourbiz.net and so forth. Every one of those domains can be forwarded, or redirected, to the domain you want them to go to.

Check Your Robot.txt Files

Robot.txt files are what makes the bots index your website. If you use self-hosted WordPress, your robot.txt files are already set up. But you want to make sure that you don’t have a “disallow” command in there that is preventing the site from being indexed.

Create a Sitemap

Create a sitemap to ensure that your site gets indexed by the search engines. If you have Yoast SEO, you can create one automatically without any issues.

Get Rid of Duplicate Content Issues

Are you overly concerned about duplicate content issues? However, it is often an issue when it comes to getting your site and pages indexed properly. Don’t get penalized for duplicate content on your own website.

Fix 404 Errors

A 404 page is a page that your visitors end up on when a page they wanted to go to no longer exists. It’s fine to delete pages that aren’t relevant to your goals, and its likely everyone will do that through the years.

Improve Your Site Architecture

What does your website architecture look like? If you’re using a good self-hosted WordPress theme, your architecture may still be fine if you kept their menu structure.

Use the Right URL Structure

Are you using the correct URL structure for your website? Poor URL structure can be detrimental to SEO because having clean, keyword-rich URLs that describe what the reader will find is best for helping the search engines send the right visitors.

Make Internal Links Clear

Most people don’t realize how important internal linking is for SEO. If you don’t know, internal links lead to other pages on your website from the page your visitor is currently using. Fix this problem and you’ll find that your SEO improves fast and dramatically.

We hope that WordPress SEO tips has helped give you a better understanding of the technical issues surrounding the SEO of your website.

The three things that matter most in SEO are quality content, user experience and backlinks. Use these WordPress SEO tips to make your website SEO friendly.

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WordPress SEO Tips You Need To Know

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