WordPress SEO for beginners

At this WordPress Tampa Bay meetup we talk about SEO for beginners.

Search Engine Optimazation is very important to any business or any product in the digital world of today.

Google is by far the largest Seacrh Engine in the world. Add to that mix WordPress, which is by far the larget (CMS) in the world.

This is why we believe that it is very important that all of the WordPress community understand the fundamintals of SEO.

Your WordPress website is a digital marketing platform.

We try to explain how to best optimize your WordPress website to rank #1 for Google searches.

We offer what we believe are the most important steps you must take to have any chance of being successful in your search for #1 in the Google search engine.

We try to break down each step that we believe you should be taking to get the most out of your WordPress websites’ SEO. We talk about things like On Page SEO, Free SEO software and Free WordPress plugins that you can use to help your rankings.

More importantly, we offer actionable steps you can take immediately to help the SEO of your WordPress website. The ideas that we offer can be done very easily and will open up a whole new world of SEO to you and your clients.

We talk alot about KeyWordsEverywhere and how powerful this completly free SEO tool is.

This is a video of our local WordPress community meetup in Tampa Bay Fl. This month we are talking about SEO for your WordPress website.

We present options to best optimize your WordPress website to rank at the top of Google. We do this by giving a presentation on WordPress SEO for beginners and then we take a lot of great questions from other developers/owners and do our best to answer them. There is a lot of great SEO tips and tricks we use as WordPress developers that come out as we try to answer htese great questions.

Sometimes as WordPress developers we get focused on designing and building these big, beautiful WP websites. We forget about (or don’t want to worry about) what happens after we launch the site and it is off in the world years down the road.

But as developers, we could offer our clients a lot of value if we set their WordPress website up for success in the long term, on top of making a beautiful website with a ton of custom functions.

Success in the form of ranking as high as possible in Google searches. If we can explain this powerful yet simple SEO strategy to our clients and then incorporate them in your design. You can really take your clients WordPress website to the next level and provide so much more value.

We all know that the more value we can offer the more valuable we are.

So we hope you enjoy this video and we hope you can learn something. We will include as many links as we can that we mention in this talk.

— Links mentioned in the talk. —

– This is the link to the website that helps you find questions that the general public is asking google. This helps you find good content to put on your WordPress website.

– This is what I consider one of the most powerful FREE tools you can have. It is a browser extension made for Chrome and Firefox. It automatically integrates with Google Search Console and Keywordseverywhere.com.

– This is what we believe to be the single most important tool you can have when it comes to developing your WordPress websites SEO. Just like everything else we mention in this talk, it is completely FREE.

KGR Method – – This is a link to a YouTube video of the person who founded the KGR method and he explains it perfectly. He also gives you a great spreadsheet to use while you look for KGR keywords. This is not meant to be the main focus but instead another valuable tool inside your WP SEO toolbox.

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WordPress SEO for beginners

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