WordPress Plugin Development for Developers & Business Owners

How to Deliver and Receive Success and Excellence

This talk will focus on the success and failures from building a 6 figure plugin sales business.

Have you ever made a plugin, and asked yourself what on earth you were thinking?

Or did you buy a plugin and it had no end of problems, but the developers weren’t supportive?

Some plugins are great, work seamlessly with your website, and deliver on what they promised.

Some are really, really bad. Just awful. Refund me now! Your website stops working, there are constant problems, the plugin developer is useless.

Chris Bryant has had some major plugin failures, and some great successes over the past 10 years, in his web development firm.

In this non-technical talk, Chris will share his successes and failures with making plugins over the past decade. Topics to cover include:

For Business Owners

* Why your website company might be the worst people to make your plugin.
* What makes a good WordPress plugin?
* Setting expectations – What do you get for your money when you buy that $15 plugin?
* Why does the plugin you bought not work as expected?
* Why is it so expensive to have one system talk to another and what can I do about it?
* The role of quality, accuracy and price in choosing a plugin developer.

For Web Developers

* What happened when we were overloaded with support requests.
* How the smallest Git almost crushed us.
* The time we were told our plugin was about to be removed.
* How to build a successful business with WordPress plugins.

Case Studies
We’ll also cover a broad range of case studies which will provide valuable insights to both business owners and developers, including:

* The rarer one – $10,000 plugin
* The everyday gem – $500 plugin
* The big win – increasing plugin value with incremental improvement
* The complex one – Enterprise financial integration & risk management


Presented by Chris Bryant at WordCamp Sydney 2018.
t. @opmc

Chris Bryant is Director at OPMC Group. He founded OPMC in 2003 while at University in the cold and windy capital of New Zealand, Wellington. The business is now a 15-year-old multi-brand web services organisation, including OPMC and Web 105 Creative.

The OPMC brand focuses on the four areas of ecommerce, web hosting, plugin development and web security.

Chris lives in Sydney with his wife and 10-month old baby.

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WordPress Plugin Development for Developers & Business Owners

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