WordPress Complete Training | Part 2 – Blogger.com Vs WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org [Urdu/Hindi]

Assalam-0-Alaikum and Welcome to Tech Urdu! In this part of the complete WordPress Course, we’ll discuss in very detail about the difference among Blogger.com Vs WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org. We’ll see their Pros & Cons and will discuss which one is suitable for you and which one gives more earnings.

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[01:26] Ownership | Blogger Vs WordPress
[02:51] Who should work on Blogger?
[03:13] Control and Customization | Blogger Vs WordPress
[04:17] Movability and Ranking | Blogger Vs WordPress
[05:51] Which one is better for SEO Blogger or WordPress?
[07:05] Which one is more Secure Blogger or WordPress?
[08:17] Which one is better in providing Support Blogger or WordPress?
[09:00] Which one gives more earning Blogger or WordPress?
[11:02] Which one is quickly approved by AdSense Blogger or WordPress?
[11:37] What is the future of Blogger and WordPress?
[12:28] Which one to choose and why Blogger or WordPress?
[14:02] Blogger.com Vs. WordPress.com
[15:42] How much storage we get on Blogger.com Vs. WordPress.com?
[16:36] How many images we can store/upload on Blogger.com Vs. WordPress.com?
[17:15] Can we upload documents, PDFs, presentations, sheets, etc on Blogger.com Vs. WordPress.com?
[17:57] What is Max file limit (uploading) on Blogger.com Vs. WordPress.com?
[18:36] Is there a limit on Page Size on Blogger.com Vs. WordPress.com?
[18:55] What is the Bandwith or Transfer Limit on Blogger.com Vs. WordPress.com?
[19:50] Can we earn/monetize from Blogger.com Vs. WordPress.com (using AdSense, Media.net, or from Amazon, Ali-Express, etc Affiliation?)
[22:46] What is total number of themes for Blogger.com Vs. WordPress.com?
[23:47] Can we install third-party themes and plugins on Blogger.com Vs. WordPress.com?
[24:36] Can you integrate Blogger.com Vs. WordPress.com with Google Analytics?
[25:16] Can we import content from other Blogging platforms Blogger.com Vs. WordPress.com?
[26:18] Which one is more SEO (Google Search) friendly Blogger.com Vs. WordPress.com?
[26:58] WordPress.org Vs. WordPress.com – Detailed Comparison
[29:00] Which one to choose Blogger.com or WordPress.com or WordPress.org? Final Words
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WordPress Complete Training | Part 2 – Blogger.com Vs WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org [Urdu/Hindi]
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