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WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards attract customers by rewarding them with points.

The customers can convert these points into a coupon and apply discounts on a cart or products can be purchased directly using earned points.

Attractive ways to reward customer with points and increase the list of customer by referral marketing concept is also included.

This Video will help you to configure settings for new exciting features as mentioned below.

#1. Earn Sign Up Points: To enable this, firstly enable WooCommerce Points and Rewards and the Enable Signup Points for Rewards followed by entering the points to be rewarded on sign up. The customers are rewarded with points (set by you) as soon as they register on your website successfully.

#2. Points To Products: This can be assigned in 3 ways. To assign per product specifically, go to Product’s edit page, enable Points per Product and following that, enter the points to be rewarded on purchasing that product.

To assign the same points to all products globally, go to Plugin’s settings, Assign Product Points, enable Global Product Points, then enter the points to be assigned to all products.

To assign the points category wise, uncheck “Enable Global Product Points”, then enter the points in fields below category wise and press submit.

These points will be rewarded to customers who will purchase the products successfully.

#3. Points for Reviews/ Comments: To enable this, check “Enable Comment Points” from Plugin’s General Settings, followed by points to be rewarded.

As soon as the customer leaves a comment or review on any product page and Admin approves the comment, points will be rewarded to the respective customer.

#4. Referral Points: To enable this, check the “Enable Referral Points” under Plugin’s General Settings, followed by the number of points to be assigned and then the Minimum Referrals Required in order to earn referral points. Then the referral link will be shared with friends or family via, social media platform or any other means.

When the new or referred friends (number must be equal to “Minimum Referrals Required”) signs up successfully via. shared referral link of a user, the user gets the points.

#5. Shop From Points : Products can be purchased using points directly. To enable this, check “Enable Purchase through Points” under Plugin’s General Settings, the number of points which must be equivalent to the price of the product can be modified from “Purchase Points Conversion” on the same page. And to implement this feature on few products only, select categories from “Select Product Category”.

#6. Convert Points to Coupons: Coupons can be generated using points which in turn can be used for discount purposes on cart sub-total. To configure this, enter the number of points to be equivalent to the price in the coupon generated from “Redeem Points Conversion”. You can set the minimum points required to generate the coupon.

Customer can generate the coupon from Points Tab under My Accounts section.

#7. Customize the Mails : Notification Mails can be customized as per user’s choice from Plugin’s Points Notification Settings, short-codes are also provided.

#8. The Membership Feature: In Membership feature, customers can attain particular membership after acquiring certain points and will be benefited with discount on specified products. To configure this, check “Enable Membership” from Membership settings. You can modify the name of level of membership, the points customer needs to acquire in order to reach that level, expiration period, categories and products on which he/ she will be provided with defined discount in per cent. Multiple Membership levels can be created or defined,

Only some of the exciting features are mentioned and can be configured from above.

For more details and to experience more exciting features of WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards plugin by MakeWebBetter, refer to our Doc-

You can also use Woocommerce points and rewards user notification add-on, Check here-

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WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards Plugin [2018] by MakeWebBetter

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