Why Choose WooCommerce: 6 Rebuttal-Proof Pros That Beat All Cons

WooCommerce today powers 1.7 million sites and nearly 40% of all online stores run on WooCommerce.

That by no means is a small feat.

If you’re wondering whether you should choose WooCommerce or any other platform then you’re at the right place!

Or maybe you’ve recently chosen WooCommerce for your business but you want to be sure that you made the right choice…

Then you’re absolutely at the right place.

In this video I’ll share with you pure facts that show how WooCommerce has gone from being from an underdog to a platform that’s ruling the internet today and will do so, tomorrow.

1. After Automatic acquired WooCommerce in 2015, it’s become bigger, better and more powerful

2. WooCommerce as a platform scales with your business

3. WooCommerce adapts to the type of products you’re selling and it understands not one size fits all

4. WooCommerce and WordPress are the best of friends and this is a blessing for the SEO of your online store

5. WooCommerce has a growing library of third-party extensions

6. WooCommerce is backed by an avid and passionate community

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1. Finale: Create Urgency-Driven Campaigns To Convert On-The-Fence Visitors into Buyers

Create Urgency-Driven Campaigns To Push Visitors Off The Fence.

Finale is the most powerful tool for urgency and scarcity out there. Use it to time your sales, set up bulk discounts, create deals, run recurring campaigns & more.

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2. NextMove: Get Custom Thank You Pages That Increase Repeat Sales Exponentially

Use NextMove to create custom Thank You pages and in return increase repeat sales and social media visibility. Different customization options help you configure a Thank You page without writing a line of code.

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Sales Triggers: Transform Weak Product Pages into Conversion Powerhouses

Deploy 7 psychological triggers like the ‘Best Seller badge, recent sales activity, guarantee trigger and more.

Together they win your customers’ trust and turn your
WooCommerce product pages into persuasion machines.

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Why Choose WooCommerce: 6 Rebuttal-Proof Pros That Beat All Cons

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