The SEO Plugin for WordPress – Squirrly SEO webinar

Learn how to take advantage of Squirrly’s powerful SEO plugin for WordPress. In this live stream, I’m talking about the multiple layers of search engine optimization you need to cover. You’ll learn how to work with the plugin’s features. The Search Engine Watch has recently called Squirrly one of the TOP 3 SEO plugins for WordPress.

We know sometimes it’s hard to find the best resources on how to do proper search engine optimizations.

Here are the highlights of this stream, so you can skip ahead to the information you need:

3:40 – The SEO Content Tree (about the six layers of search engine optimization)

WordPress site structure
Researching the best SEO keywords and social media keywords
Scaling content with proper SEO and human-friendly optimization
Making sure the content tree grows well
Grabbing the rewards
The tree needs constant watering
8:17 – How to install Squirrly’s SEO plugin for WordPress

A step-by-step guide on how to add this powerful tool on your WordPress website
A how-to guide on setting up the plugin
Describing the plugin’s features
How it works
10:44 – How to use Squirrly Keyword Research

Detailed information on how this tool works and how you can use it
How to interpret the results
How to use this to create evergreen content
22:25 – How to use Squirrly’s SEO plugin for WordPress to create content

A guide on how to write search engine optimized content using the Squirrly plugin
How to find copyright free images for your content
Research what people have recently written about your keyword on Twitter
Get inspiration from news and blog posts about your keyword
26:23 – How to use Squirrly’s SEO Live Assistant

How to use the Live Assistant
37:10 – Check for errors and SEO issues on your site

How to use Squirrly’s SEO plugin for WordPress to check for problems
How to make your shares on social media look stunning
39:40 – How to improve the way your blog post appears on Google

How to use Squirrly Snippet
What are the advantages you get by using this
49:56 – Further optimizing your website with Squirrly SEO plugin for WordPress

55:10 – How to interpret an SEO audit

1:03:35 – How to grab the rewards

How to use personal branding
What a canonical link is and how to use it
1:08:24 – Additional resources

1:10:00 – Squirrly education cloud

Thank you very much for watching. Learn more about Squirrly’s SEO plugin for WordPress here:

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The SEO Plugin for WordPress – Squirrly SEO webinar

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