Pet Grooming / Pet Shop / Veterinary WordPress Theme [Review] 2019 LIVE

Pet Grooming / Pet Shop / Veterinary WordPress Theme

Increase your pet grooming business, pet shop or veterinary practice using this wonderfully laid out WordPress theme designed to attract long lasting clients in your local communities for years to come. This Pet Grooming / Pet Shop / Veterinary WordPress Theme has been constructed using the newest “Gutenberg WordPress” development framework for 2019 and beyond. Any one viewing your new site will be compelled to take action in using your services and selling your pet grooming and other products.
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This WordPress Theme can be Altered for Many Uses:

Pet Grooming / Pet Shop / Veterinary – cute, trendy & colorful WordPress Theme. It is a beautiful & responsive template for a modern pet grooming salon agency, contemporary pet sale shop company, veterinary clinic, animal training classes. It would also be great for animal shelters firm and pet hotels, dogs, cats trainers, or pet caretakers organization solutions, as well as adoption centers or any other corporate business or community.

Additionally, it is perfect for animal breeders, puppy and cat lovers, animal centers, kennels, clinics, animal exhibitions, competitions, championships, treatment and pedigree blog.

Mobile Ready

Everyone is on mobile these days and so many choose to schedule appointment anytime through out there busy day. This WordPress theme gives them an easy way to order your services and buy your products. They can even set up a e-commerce “account login and come back again and again.

Tell Your Story

Show how your started your business, exhibit your certifications and insert videos if you choose. Beat the competition by doing innovative things which differentiate you and show why they should choose you and your services.

Simple Call to Action

This WordPress Theme has simple “call to action” elements which encourage prospect and clients to sign up for your services and purchase your products, should you offer them.

Local Blogging

Create blogging articles and post them to the social networks which matter to you. Perhaps Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are a good start. We can add a plugin which can help you achieve that goal. Get noticed, drive traffic and build your local clientele.

Scheduling Appointments is Easy
New and current clients can easily schedule appointment and have them be delivered to you instantly. This can be done on any device, anytime! It”s all built in! There are other 3rd party Event planning plugins we can add should you want to schedule events, send text messaging or emails. Consult with us about that.

Get Grooming or Veterinary Product Sales Platform
If you sell products, this WordPress website theme can be setup to include them for instant purchase. Add a Woo Commerce product sales plugin. If you have a pet shop and already have an eCommerce products solution, we can link that solution to this website.


Offer your quality services and products using this WordPress website theme. Rely on the newest “Gutenberg WordPress development platform to deliver a FAST and beautiful site in your local community. Sell the products you prefer online and get more local clients that will come back again and again. This is what I think this website will do for you. I love the fact that you can easily schedule appointment too.

I like the fact that this theme can be altered for so many different companies and professions in this line of business. It’s perfect for all! I rank it highly!

The Pet Grooming WordPress theme can be used for the following businesses:

1. Dog Grooming
2. Veterinary Clinic
3. Grooming Salon
4. Pet Shop
5. Pet Adoption Centers
6. Animal Shelters
7. Pet Grooming Salon Agency
8. Animal Training Classes
9. Pet Hotels
10. Pet Caretakers
11. Animal Breeders
12. Dog Kennels
13. Animal Exhibitors
14. Pet Competitions
15. Pedigree Blogs

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Pet Grooming / Pet Shop / Veterinary WordPress Theme [Review] 2019 LIVE

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