OceanWP + Elementor – WordPress Tutorial (Free Versions)

In this WordPress tutorial, you’ll learn to build a whole website in 30 minutes, using only the free versions of OceanWP and Elementor!


hi, hows it going! Alex here from idea spot and I’m back again with another WordPress tutorial today we’re going to be doing a tutorial on OceanWP now OceanWP is one of the fastest and best free WordPress themes that I’ve used and it’s been designed to work with Elementor page builder which you can get for free as well so in the next half an hour we’re gonna build this nice little sneaker blog we’re gonna have a about page a blog page and a contact page we’re going to do a bit of design work on the home page too and we’re gonna do all this using the demo templates that you get with OceanWP so if this sounds good keep watching and remember to hit that like button okay so I’m working with a fresh install of WordPress here the first thing we need to do is install our theme so appearance and themes and we’re going to be working with the ocean theme today so click add new and we’re going to search for ocean here should be one of the first ones that pops up this is the one we want OceanWP here install wait for that to install so just be patient while that installs it does take a couple of minutes and then when it’s done click activate and here it’s gonna say the theme recommends the following plugins so elemental ocean extra rank math and WP form so we can start installing these plugins so these plugins help us build our our fresh sites so I’m going to go ahead and highlight all of them and we’re gonna bulk install them so just go ahead click apply and wait for those to install okay so now under plugins installed plugins we can see all of our plugins have installed now and we’ll also have this little option window here to run the setup visit for oceanWP so let’s go ahead and click that and get started and we can choose a demo template site and I think that’s about twelve or thirteen of these demo sites and there’s quite a good range here and some of these have we converse on them already especially this one store lingerie and I think this one’s simple as well so if you’ve got a store you can go ahead and start selling but I’m gonna start with just a simple blog for this tutorial so I really like this one called architects so just click select you’ll see a little blue border around there and then scroll down to the bottom and install the demo so this will take a little while but it’s gonna ask to install some extra plugins for this particular demo site so they want the one called motion social sharing oceans sticky header and ocean Elementor widgets so this one social sharing we can go ahead and click install now sticky header and element or widgets these two actually need the pro version to use these but it doesn’t really matter if your demo site doesn’t look exactly like the demo it still looks really good so just go ahead and click import here and we just wait for that to import okay now the demo has imported now is a chance if you’ve got a logo you could upload it now I don’t actually have one so I’m just gonna remove that logo my site title is going to be sneaker science and the tagline let’s call it sneaker life lifestyle blog there we go you can put your site icon up there if you’ve got an icon haven’t made one yet so I’m gonna leave that for now you can do that later the primary colors I’ll leave as default and let’s go ahead and click continue and it’s gonna ask to sign up to an email list you don’t have to do that we’re basically already so we can view our website here just go ahead and click view I’m gonna open that in a new tab so here we go here’s our demo site so first thing I like about this is you’ve got a nice transparent header it’s all very clean design we’ve got a few pretty well-designed elements here you’ve got the team and a little bit of a video background thing going on here a little menu here at the bottom and the menu of the tops really nice too you’ve got your social icons and you can edit with Elementor so ocean WP has been designed for the element or page builder and you can use the free version of the elemental page builder just fine with this some demo site so free theme free demo site free page builder what’s not to like here we can get started without spending any money at all so the first thing I might do just to get it looking a little bit more like the sneaker science theme that we have started with is go ahead and let’s edit with elemental I’m gonna open that in a new tab wait for that to load up so here we are in element or the first thing I want to do is customize this header section so let’s go to the top and edit this section and I’ll just click that so I got it and go to the style I want to look at the background image to that because this section uses a background image…

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OceanWP + Elementor – WordPress Tutorial (Free Versions)

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