How to Setup WooCommerce – WooCommerce Installation

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+What is Woocommerce?

A plugin that transforms your good old WordPress with new features like checkout, shop, and more.
+Why am I making this video?

Well, because provides pretty neat complexity, but it goes by the assumption that you probably shouldn’t be a software expert to be a WordPress coder, which is a total myth because WordPress comes with complexity, but NOT software. This video teaches a beginner like me How to set-up WordPress environment for less headache and more fun. There is countless support for WordPress, Apache, XAMPP, etc. etc. but their support is distributed diversely just as these open-source solutions are. Which means you need to scratch your head in order to make both ends meet. But forget about it, this video will make it easier if you’re like me.

-Common Definitions-
+Plugin: A piece of data or extension that you download to add cool features to your good old’ [Wordpress] blog.
Wp-admin: wp-admin is an address to the dashboard where admin can login to access administrative rights to his/her blog.
+Dashboard: A GUI that makes life a whole lot easier, combined with this video, allows you to post, manage, and customize your blog the way you want it to be.
+MySQL(or PHPMyAdmin): Forget about it, just keep in mind this is just a piece of complex software that comes with XAMPP, and it powers all your WordPress activity. Trust me it’s more complex than you think.

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How to Setup WooCommerce – WooCommerce Installation

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