How To Make A WordPress Website 2018 – No Experience Needed

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Learn How To Quickly Create A Professional Looking WordPress Website Using The Thrive Architect Page Builder

Being able to create professional looking websites is the most important skill an online entrepreneur can have in 2018. But if you’re like me, creating websites usually feels like a pain in the butt.

You know that excited feeling you get when you have an idea of what you want your new website to look like? It’s great until you go to make that website come to life and it never looks as good as you want it too.

Your Options When Building A Website

There are many options you have when creating a WordPress website: Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Buying a WordPress Theme on Theme Forest, Elementor, or trying to build it from scratch. I’ve tried most of these options and the process takes a long time and is not fun.

Then Thrive Architect came out and it was a game-changer!

With Thrive Architect It’s Fun To Build Websites

For the first time in my life it was actually fun to create websites. Now I look forward to creating a new site with the confidence that I can make it look and work exactly the way I want it too.

I have been using Thrive Architect for over a year now and seen the plugin improve tremendously. At this point I see Thrive Architect as the best possible tool anyone can use to create a beautiful WordPress website in 2018.

I’m Not A Web Designer But Look What I Created

Take a look at the promo video for this course. I am not a web designer. I am not a coder. But I was able to make the website in that video in 2 days! The website is mobile responsive, looks professional, includes an email pop-up CTA, and was fun to make 🙂

In this free Thrive Architect course I take you from no experience to designing and creating a professional WordPress website.

How This Course Is Structured:

Section 1

You will learn everything you need to do before you start building your website. This is the biggest mistake I see new website designers make… They jump right into building their site without having a clear sense of purpose and inspiration.

You will learn how to decide on the purpose for your site, choose the fonts, decide on the page widths you want to use, choose a color palette, and make a wireframe of what you want your website to look like.

Section 2

You will learn how to build your website’s foundation inside of WordPress. This includes transferring your domain name to your hosting account. It also includes how-to videos on installing a fresh copy of WordPress with a free SSL certificate, Thrive Architect, your site’s theme, free plugins to make your website load fast, free backup plugins that automatically backup your site, and my favorite free security plugin.

Section 3

You will learn how to use the Thrive Architect page builder to make your website come to life! This is the fun part. All of the ideas you have for how you want your website to look like will become reality on a live website that you can share with anyone you want.

Section 4

You will see LIVE Build videos that show you what it looks like to design a professional looking website in real time. It’s all about trial and error and not being too hard on yourself. As you can see I try a lot of things out that don’t work. I scrap those things and keep trying until the look just works. My intention with this Section is to inspire you to keep going even if you are having trouble making your website look great. If you persevere you will make something great!

My Hope For You

It’s my hope that you get a ton of this free tutorial on how to build a professional looking WordPress website in 2018 using the Thrive Architect page builder. If you have any questions I’m always

Video source via: Celestine Chua

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How To Make A WordPress Website 2018 – No Experience Needed

Necesitas ayuda con wp? Entonces WPVideo es tu sitio.
Encuentra lo que buscas entre cientos de miles de videos y experiencias personales de otros usuarios. Todos los que empezamos con wp deberíamos tener acceso a esta web, ojalá yo hubiera tenido algo así cuando empecé mi camino como webmaster 🙂
Pero ahora quiero y puedo poner esta web a vuestra disposición.
Disfrutadla 😉

Need help with wp? Then WPVideo is your site.
Find what you are looking for among hundreds of thousands of videos and personal experiences of other users. All of us who started with wp should have access to this website, I wish I had something like that when I started my journey as webmaster 🙂
But now I want and I can put this website at your disposal.
Enjoy it 😉

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