How to Make a Professional eCommerce Website Using WordPress – Step by Step – A Complete Guide

We’ll show you how to make a professional money-making eCommerce website – using WordPress – from start to finish, with NO STEPS SKIPPED! We’ll teach you, step by step, not only how to set everything up (using WooCommerce), but also all about email marketing tools, SEO, analytics, site backups, and much much more! By following along, you’ll have your own online eCommerce store up and running – and ready to accept sales – in no time!

Completed Example Website:

Siteground Discount:

Here’s what we’ll cover, in order:

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:43 – Creating a Hosting Account
00:04:23 – Registering a Domain Name
00:06:36 – Setting Up SSL
00:09:31 – Setting Up Email
00:15:49 – Installing Our Theme
00:22:28 – Importing Widgets and Customizer Settings
00:26:03 – Installing Required Plugins
00:28:29 – Installing Jetpack
00:30:47 – Configuring WooCommerce
00:34:57 – Configuring the Mailchimp Email Service
00:40:31 – Configuring the Stripe Payment Gateway
00:44:47 – Configuring the Paypal Payment Gateway
00:48:49 – Beginning Homepage Design
00:52:15 – Creating a Simple Product
01:00:37 – Creating a Variable Product
01:05:42 – Creating a Sale Item
01:07:24 – Continuing Homepage Design
01:12:17 – Configuring Homepage Products
01:16:59 – Configuring Sidebars
01:22:29 – Configuring Site Navigation
01:31:15 – Configuring the Site Footer
01:35:47 – Configuring the Shop Page
01:38:52 – Cart Testing and Coupon Creation
01:46:32 – Creating the Contact Us Page
01:50:47 – Creating the About Page
01:52:59 – Configuring the News Page
01:56:12 – Using the Mailchimp Email Service
02:03:06 – Server Optimization
02:08:54 – Setting Up Google Accounts
02:13:23 – Configuring Google Analytics
02:19:10 – Configuring SEO
02:29:32 – Setting up Backups
02:35:32 – Configuring Anti-Spam and Jetpack Stats
02:40:34 – Polishing Details
02:48:11 – Wrapping It All Up

WordPress theme – Latest:

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How to Make a Professional eCommerce Website Using WordPress – Step by Step – A Complete Guide

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