How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE with WordPress (Step by Step Blueprint)

How to create amazing Amazon Affiliate Website using WordPress, (WooCommerce and Woozone tutorial ) .
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00:00:00 Tour of Demo Amazon Affiliate Website
00:08:31 Getting a Domain Name and Hosting Account
00:18:32 Installing WordPress on Website
00:22:37 Downloading and Installing Kingdom Theme and WooZone Plugin
00:29:42 Setting Up WooCommerce
00:32:27 Increasing Server PHP Memory Limit
00:35:37 Designing the Website (Specifically Home Page)
00:45:15 Creating Slider with Slider Revolution
00:56:27 Creating Home Page & Changing Static Front Page
00:58:23 Activating and Setiing Up WooZone Affliate Plugin
01:07:19 Importing Products using WooZone Affliate Plugin
01:11:58 Creating Menus
01:19:47 Setting Featured Products
01:20:59 Adding Products on Home Page
01:24:55 Removing Footer Widgets
01:28:59 Doing a Demo Checkout

here what’s up guys this an airship from
and in this video we will see how to
create an Amazon affiliate website so
most of you must be aware that there are
many people who are earning thousands of
dollars per month using these kind of
websites so it’s obviously a good idea
to know how to create this kind of
website how to operate and how to you
know import products and so on and this
website and this tutorial is gonna be
super easy because we’ll see how to
create different products if you have
watched my other e-commerce websites
like how to create an e-commerce website
then you will notice that we have to
create a single product we have to
upload the image we have to type in the
description you know and all such thing
if there is a variation for example if
there are three different type of
product for example we are selling us a
shirt and three different colors say
then you have to create a variation but
here a very great thing about this
tutorial is that you don’t have to do
that you know you just had to import
products from Amazon and you don’t have
to do anything it will do everything for
you it will import the description it
will import the images it will import
everything the variations the price and
obviously you can edit everything
according to you so you will be saving a
ton of time and our ton of your money ok
so that is very useful and as I said you
can make a lot of money if you really do
it sincerely
oh and if you’re really serious about it
ok so let’s see the demo app set which
we have created so that you can have a
idea of what we are going to create in
this particular video so as you can see
where your this is our homepage a very
simple very elegant a simple
professional and a very beautiful
website ok so as you can see we have a
top header we also have this header and
then we have our menu bar over here and
this is the color combination which I
have selected I like it you can have a
different color combination ok ok I will
show you how to I’ll show you a very
important thing actually which is CSS
how you play with CSS that would help
you you know I would say every day that
would help you in everyday life ok that
is very important for example if you are
of free theme and that thing doesn’t
give you the ability to change the color
of your head or or to change your font
or so on then how could you do that so
I’ll show you that so that is very very
useful according to me that has helped
me helped me a lot personally and that
would surely help you also okay
then here we have a slider I have used
slider revolution which comes for free
or with the theme which we will be using
okay so that is very useful slider
revolution has sold I think more than
100,000 copies and so that is a
tremendous an excellent plugin which
will be using for free so that is
awesome and this is also very important
because you know you can use slider for
different kind of website whether you’re
creating a simple website ecommerce
website any kind of website if you know
how to create you know sliders using
this particular plug-in that would
really help you okay now moving forward
we have different products so your so
first section actually we have divided
it into different sections the first one
is the featured product so we have
selected some products and we have you
know made them as featured products so
that we you know this becomes our
featured products and we can sell them
then we have ladies shirts over here all
these things are imported from any Amazon website okay so as
you can see the price is in the local
currency which is Indian rupees okay
similarly we have different sections
with different products I would suggest
you guys to stick with a single niche
don’t try to build another Amazon
because it doesn’t make any sense for
anyone to come to your website

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How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE with WordPress (Step by Step Blueprint)

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