How To Create A WordPress Website [2020] For Beginners + SEO!

Learn how to make a successful WordPress website in less than one hour, for beginners! We’ll walk you through the entire process of building a WordPress website in 2020, with no steps skipped.

The real truth is that 94% of new websites get 0 traffic. We’ll show you why they fail, and the 3 easy questions you need to answer before you create a website in order to win in Google search.

Even if you have no web experience at all, it’s easy to learn WordPress, SEO, and the exact methods we use to create websites that are visited by over 1.5 million people per month.

Other videos might show you how to create a pretty home page, but they don’t show you how to do the fundamental things you need to do to succeed. We’ll walk you through the entire process, step-by-step.

By the end, you’ll have a professional WordPress website for your business or personal blog.

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*Create A WordPress Website In 2020*
0:06 How To Build This Successful Website In 1 Hour
0:44 The Truth About Why Most Websites Fail
1:20 3 Questions You Need To Answer To Build A Successful website
5:00 Our Success Story: Clifton Park Pizza
7:10 The Problem With Cheap Website Builders
7:28 Why We Recommend WP Engine For WordPress Web Hosting
8:30 Sign Up For A WP Engine Hosting Plan
9:50 Start Building Your WordPress Website
11:00 Log into your WordPress Website
11:25 Install a WordPress Theme
13:58 Edit Your Website Using Customizer
19:45 Set Up Your Home Page
22:36 Set Up Posts
27:10 Create A New Category
27:32 Change Your WordPress Display Name
28:09 Change Your Permalink Settings
30:03 Create A Contact Form Block
32:19 Create A Reusable Block
33:10 How To Set Up A Blog Post
36:30 Organize The Content On The Home Page
39:58 Update Your Website’s Menu
40:35 Edit A WordPress Page
44:42 Change Name Of A Menu Item
46:45 How To Install Plugins
47:45 Configure Yoast SEO
50:40 Use Yoast To Optimize Your Home Page
53:00 Update Theme Settings Using Customizer
54:40 Configure Your Email Opt-in form
58:58 Optimize Blog Posts For Searching Engines
1:01:20 Choose A Domain Name
1:05:41 Set Up SSL
1:08:00 Allow Search Engines To Index Your Website
1:09:00 Connect Your Website To Google Search Console

We believe in being up front and honest: We do receive a commission if you sign up for WP Engine using our link. We truly believe they are the best option for creating a successful WordPress website. Thanks so much for supporting our channel!

We recommend WP Engine for your WordPress website in 2020 because your plan includes amazing free themes, the best customer support in the business, free SSL, and much more.

Cheap website builders like Wix and Weebly will let you start for free, but they won’t help you accomplish your 2020 goals. They’ll make you pay for things that are absolutely essential for success, like adding a custom domain name, SEO, analytics, and professional support.

As we said, 94% of new websites get zero traffic because they don’t take 1 minute to answer a few key questions and create a simple plan before they get started.

1. What is the #1 goal I want to accomplish with my website? (In other words, how do I make money?)
2. What does a visitor need to do for me to achieve that goal?
3. What does a visitor need to know or see beforehand?

These questions can be a guiding light for you as you create the look and feel of your website.

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How To Create A WordPress Website [2020] For Beginners + SEO!

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