How to Change Font Colors in WordPress | Paragraphs, Words, Headings

Can’t figure out how to change your font color in WordPress? Watch this quick tutorial and you’ll be able to change the color of paragraphs, headings, and individual words.
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===== About this Video =====

The new Gutenberg editor makes changing text color much easier in WordPress. Changing the color of paragraphs is especially easy.

To change the font color in a paragraph, click anywhere inside the paragraph block and you’ll see the Color Settings section appear in the sidebar. Use the options there to change both the background and text color of the paragraph to any shade and hue you’d like.

At this time, WordPress does not include a way to change the color of individual words within a paragraph, so you need to write a little bit of HTML and CSS, but it’s easier than it sounds. All you need to wrap the text you want to modify in opening and closing “span” element tags. Then add a style attribute to set the color to any color you wish.

Paragraphs are the only blocks in WordPress that include the Color Settings section, so if you want to change the text color of a heading, blockquote, or another block, you’ll need to reuse the same HTML & CSS you used to change the color of individual words within paragraphs.

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How to Change Font Colors in WordPress | Paragraphs, Words, Headings

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