eCommerce Tracking for Easy Digital Downloads WordPress Plugins Tutorial

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INTRO: Sam Here from Creative Minds. In this video we are going to take a look at a new, very cool, and simple yet powerful plugin that pulls data about shopping behavior on your e commerce site using Easy Digital Downloads into google analytics for easy visualization and analysis. The Enhanced Downloads tracker allows you to go beyond the basic google analytics tracking of page views to a full analysis of shopping behavior on your site from the micro to the macro level and across many variables. The plugin gathers information about every user who comes to your site, when they view a product page, when they add a product to their the cart, when they view their cart, when they go to the checkout and when the user finally makes a purchase. By gathering this information you’ll have valuable insight into how to improve your e commerce conversion rate – or what percentage of visitors actually become customers.
The enhanced downloads plugin requires very minimal configuration and automatically integrates with Easy Digital Downloads. Set-up is a simple as entering your Google analytics tracking code or checking a box if you already have the tracking code embedded in your website’s theme. After you save these changes, the plugin will immediately start tracking shopping behavior on your site.
On your google analytics dashboard, under e-commerce, here you can find a summary of your site’s ecommerce performance. You can compare different variables against each other over specific periods of time, and view this information by hour, day, week, or month. Enhanced Downloads Tracking gives a huge boost to the amount of the information being gathered by Google Analytics. Instead of just tracking the page-views it uses the advanced features of the Ecommerce library to also track the user activities regarding the purchase.
Some of the stats included in the overview of your e commerce performance is your total revenue for the chosen period, the number of transactions, the e commerce conversion rate, and average order value. The ecommerce conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your site that actually end up purchasing a product. Under marketing, we have overview stats on specific campaigns, internal promotions, the use of coupon codes and affiliations. You can sort the top sellers list by product, product category, or product brand. This gives you a quick picture of how certain products, categories, or brands are performing related to others and ranks them based on individual revenue out of your total revenue for the chosen period.
Under shopping behaviour analysis, the plugin gathers information about every single user who comes to your site, goes to a specific product page, adds this product to the cart, goes to their cart, then goes to checkout and finally makes a purchase. By gathering this information you’ll be able to determine your customers’ shopping behavior – including stats on cart abandonment and check out abandonment that will provide valuable insight into how to improve your ecommerce conversion rate.
Further, you can filter shopping behavior – including for overall sessions, or by abandonment rate – for new and returning users
Under product performance, you can track the performance of all of your products and of individual products compared to others.
(Need to add blur) In addition to revenue stats, the enhanced downloads plugin tracks unique purchases, quantity, average price and quantity, as well as product refund information and cart and buy to detail rates among many others.
There are also entire pages in google analytics devoted to individual products – where you can track product revenue as compared to other shopping behavior and product data – for example here we are displaying product revenue vs. product adds to cart, but another interesting stat you track is the removed from cart rate – which tracks when someone ends up deleting this specific product from their shopping cart.
Under sales performance, you can track the quantity of items ordered, refund amounts, shipping costs or even tax figures over chosen periods of time and filter by individual transactions.

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eCommerce Tracking for Easy Digital Downloads WordPress Plugins Tutorial

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