Bonus Material – 5 Essential WordPress Plugins

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Hello, and welcome to this bonus lesson.

Now, I get asked all the time about which plugins I recommend for website speed or website security, which CMS is best, where to buy domain names from, all sorts of things like that. So, I thought what better way than to create a quick overview bonus lesson where I go through some of my tried and tested tools and plugins and show you some of my go to resources?

So, as you may have guessed, seeing as we’ve worked through the entire course, the CMS or content management system, that I recommend using and that I use all the time, is WordPress. Now, is the completely free, open sourced version of WordPress. There is another version, a version, which is the hosted version which is very restricted, but the version is the open source CMS where you can do absolutely anything, can create pretty much any type of website that you desire. It’s what I use, and most hosting providers will have as a default CMS option. With a few clicks or a little bit of help from your hosting provider, they can get a WordPress website set up. That is my go to CMS.

There are a lot of other CMSs out there, Joomla, Drupal, there’s various e-commerce ones like Shopify and Magento, all have their pros and cons, much like WordPress, but for me, from my experience and building the various websites that I have built over the years and working with various clients and their requirements and what they want to achieve across various different industries, I’ve always found WordPress to stand up and always be capable, because in no small part that it is open source and you can do absolutely anything with the CMS. As long as you … if you get a good developer on board, they are limited only by their imagination and by your requirements. So, WordPress is the CMS that I always recommend using.

As far as buying domain names and website hosting, there is a company that I use, and they’re a UK based company, and they’re called TSOHOST. Now, I have no affiliation with this company at all, other than the fact that I use them. They’re very, very good. They’ve got UK based support, which I consider to be very, very important. They’re always available, and almost … you can see from seven am to midnight by the phone, or out of those hours, they’ve got a support email as well. Generally, I’m only working between seven am and midnight. I tend not to work between midnight and seven am, funnily enough, and I’m sure you won’t either. So they’ll always have someone on phone support.

You can buy domain names from these guys, you can buy your web hosting from these guys. You can buy any SSL certificates. So if you want to put your website on a secure hosting environment, they can provide this, and crucially, they can set all this up for you. And they’re very, very good if you get a website or a domain name and some hosting and you want them to set up WordPress or something else, they’re often … they’re more than happy to do that for you, and they’re very quick as well. Often, if I have any issues, I phone them up. Within half an hour to an hour, generally speaking, they’ve sorted out my issue or they have, yeah, helped me in whichever way I need. So TSOHOST, really good guys. I’ve been using them for a few years now, and they’re just a reliable UK based host.

Because there are a lot of really cheap American hosts and overseas hosts that will charge you literally pennies to host your website or to buy a domain name. But often, if you’re really paying pennies, you’re not gonna get the type of service that, as a business owner, you’re going to want and deserve and need, so always best to go for a UK based company and, like I said, just in my experience, these guys have been good. They’re by no means the only company. Other big companies you’ve probably heard of, like 123Reg and GoDaddy, also very, very good. I use them as well, and they provide much the same service as domain names, hosting, email providers, all sorts of other services you may need.

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Bonus Material – 5 Essential WordPress Plugins

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