Beginner eCommerce Website WordPress Tutorial – EASY!

Welcome To The #1 Most Viewed Beginner ECOMMERCE Website Tutorials! Here you will create your own online shop and sell real products using WordPress + the amazing Flatsome Theme from Envato. Whatever you want to sell, we’re here to help!!

To Skip Intros and Get Started: Head to Step 3) 19:05 and open our written guide:

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1) See a Real Sale 8:46
2) Get Ready to Start Building 17:25
3) Introduction: Learn The Steps and Costs to Make an Ecommerce Website 19:05

First Section: Complete The Web Development

4) Get Domain and Hosting for a WordPress website 26:34
5) Andrew — Choosing a Great Domain Name 34:32
6) Install WordPress 36:09
7) Reset Nameservers while Waiting for WP to Install 42:56

Second Section: Learn The Web Design (full WooCommerce WordPress ecommerce tutorial)

8) Login to WordPress 48:08
9) Get Flatsome Ecommerce Website theme 57:00
10) Choose Flatsome Layout 1:07:07
11) Setup WooCommerce ecommerce online store software 1:08:50
12) Delete/Add plugins in WordPress website 1:12:48
13) Delete/Modify Pages for your e-commerce website 1:15:51
14) Establish which page is the Homepage 1:18:16
15) Edit Homepage 1:20:13
16) Create Menus for wordpress online store 1:25:40
17) Learn how to use Customize to build with WordPress 1:32:32

The Fun Stuff (creating beautiful content for your online business)

18) Where to find the demo sites for this online store with wordpress tutorial?! 1:35:40
19) Download Images 1:37:26
20) Adjust Primary and Secondary Colors of our wordpress online store 1:40:00
21) Homepage Slider 1:41:34
22) Mission Boxes 2:05:39
23) HostGator — I actually made a Real Visit! 2:12:47
24) Add Products to our wordpress ecommerce website 2:13:40
25) Change a Title 2:14:53
26) Andrew — Will My Products Sell? 2:29:25
27) Add New Arrivals to our Online Store 2:31:30
28) Playing With Ecommerce Products 2:38:00
29) Only Show Specific Products to visitors of your wordpress eCommerce website 2:38:50
30) Featured Boxes 2:42:12
31) On Sale Products 2:48:25
32) Add Coupons to your online store with WordPress 2:53:00
33) Variable Prodcuts (sizes, colors, etc) 2:54:22
34) Andrew — Expert Marketing and Advertising 3:03:05
35) Large Banner The Weekend (Create Advertisement) 3:06:29
36) Testimonials specifically for an ecommerce website 3:11:03
37) Add The WordPress Blog 3:20:45
38) Andrew — About His Blog 3:30:33
39) Lower Promo Slider 3:30:41
40) Edit Lower Product Categories to give people more chances to buy on our e commerce website 3:37:15
41) Setup Footer 3:39:38

42) Header 4:02:53

43) Andrew — How to know when you’re done editing and should launcH! 5:04:37
44) Create Logo from Scratch for ecommerce business website 4:03:43
45) Add Copyright Credits 4:08:59
46) Insert Logo on WordPress website 4:10:37
47) Topbar Text 4:14:38
48) Social Follow Icons to people can share your online store website 4:15:10
49) Headers Newsletter Popout 4:18:31

50) Final Details… Let’s Finish this Website! 4:22:12

51) As Featured On logos (sponsors of your ecommerce website) 4:22:56
52) Complete Payment Methods 4:37:16
53) Shipping Methods for an online store with wordpress 4:50:16
54) Copyright Details 4:58:00
55) Make Your Dashboard an eCommerce Dashboard 5:03:10
56) Andrew — How to Know When Your WordPress Website site is Done 5:04:37
57) Thank You’s 5:06:20
58) Andrew — Quitting a Job at Google to Work on an ecommerce website / online store from Home 5:07:41

TL ; DR =)

Hey Guys! I hope you enjoy this free tutorial where anyone can learn how to use wordpress to create an ecommerce website. Why 5 hours? I made it super long from start to finish so you can COMPLETELY setup your online store and know that it’s a real WordPress website. You can leap ahead of your the online market competition.

You can literally sell anything from this website, from durable goods like clothing, gadgets, books and gear to virtual products like eBooks, guides and mp3s. This includes ecommerce affiliate marketing.

This free tutorial also shows you plenty of general skills on how to use The skills you learn can be used to make any wordpress website / blog and become an advanced wordpress user.

PS I’m convincing Andrew and Flatsome to stick around in the comments this week so don’t be shy ask your best questions!

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Beginner eCommerce Website WordPress Tutorial – EASY!

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