Autema Business Coach WordPress Theme [Review] 2019 | LIVE

Autema Business Coach WordPress Theme [Review] 2019 | LIVE

As a business coach you want to present your self and your offer the best you can to your clients and corporate sponsors. This “Autema Business Coach / Speaker WordPress Theme” will achieve that goal. This is a great looking WordPress Website Theme specifically design to show “Business Coaches and Speakers” perfectly to their audience. A personal business coach or larger team can display their professional skills in business training, marketing and sales and personal growth. Add an introduction video to present your self or your site and you will have them signing up for your services.
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This “Gutenberg WordPress” theme is the developed for the newest WordPress framework. If you want fast website load speeds, a crisp visual experience when showing off your site, this theme will do it for you. If you are a business speaker or a business trainer, this theme is simply fantastic!

Show Your Popular Training:

You can showcase your most popular training and have clients sign up for your classes, online meetings or business venue happenings.

Upcoming Training’s
The home page allows you to show some of your upcoming or most popular training’s in a calendar display view. These training or sessions can be online sessions or physical meetings.

Sell Your Latest Book

You business coaching book can be add to the home page and you can link it to Amazon Books, your online shopping are or within the website’s Woo Commerce Shopping Cart. The website shopping cart is full featured and you can add digital product or physical products for sale. You can even have clients by your video series.

Business Coach & Speaker Newsletter
Offer a newsletter lead capture solution to your website and build your business clientele faster over time. This theme is ready to add Mailchimp or other plugins per your needs.

Business Coach Team Members’

You can add yourself and business coach / Speaker team members to the site and include their head-shots and bios as well as contact information, social connections and more. It’s a great way to boost your business coaching or business speaking perceptions to small, medium and large companies.

Business Coach / Speaker Testimonials

It is wise to add you various testimonials on the site from places like Yelp, Google My Business and other business directories. Use the same information on the site to send out to social networks thru outbound website linking strategies.

Showcase Your Business Coaching Service.

Pinpoint your services and let your your clients choose. A website services page can be built out to details your different offers and have buttons which clients can instantly schedule and pay.

Simple Call to Action

Simple “call to action” elements can mean a difference between extra sales or not. This WordPress theme has been design to get people to take action. It encourages prospects and clients to sign up for your services and purchase the products you offer.

Business Coach Blogging Your Way

Consistent blogging is very important these days as it make you an authority in your craft. Google search, bing search and social networks will award you for it. Having a great looking blogging page makes the extra difference. This site does that for you. Blog all you want and grow your business for years to come.

Show Your Business Coach / Speaker Success Stories

Preview some of your business coaching or speaking success stories on the site. Add your team success stories for even more positive reviews. Whatever professional business coach training you do, this website theme will make you and your team look professional and skilled.


If I was a business coach, I would buy this theme and have it developed to my own specifications. I would add videos , images and content which reflects the core market I serve. I would also add a “teaser video series” for people to sign up for free and get a taste of what I have to offer. This is a very nice and professional looking WordPress theme that will be fast for viewing on any device and will certainly case people to take action to buy my product, watch my videos and use my business coaching services.

This Autema Business Coach / Speaker WordPress theme can be altered for almost any kind of coaching or speaker program. It’s a winner in my eyes. Consider it as your’s!

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Autema Business Coach WordPress Theme [Review] 2019 | LIVE

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