AliDropship vs. AliDropship for WooCommerce: What’s the best dropshipping plugin?

When you buy it, you get access to both versions, the original WordPress plugin and the WooCommerce plugin. AliDropship vs. AliDropship Woo: What’s the difference?
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There are three main differences between AliDropship and AliDropship Woo versions: Supported platform, Functionality, Customization.

AliDropship Plugin works on WordPress. WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS). If you have WordPress installed and hosted under your domain name, you can use AliDropship. The AliDropship Plugin will add all the necessary functionality and convert your WordPress site into a dropshipping store. WooCommerce is another way to sell products and services from your WordPress site. It is also a free WordPress plugin with additional characteristic available as extensions. AliDropship Woo provides special features to make a WooCommerce online store work as a dropshipping store.

If your site runs on WordPress without WooCommerce, choose the original version.
If you already have WooCommerce installed, choose the Woo version.

Both versions can import products and reviews from AliExpress, transfer the orders to your AliExpress suppliers, update product info and prices, and apply the desired tax and shipping settings. Both will simplify your dropshipping routine and automate the most important business processes.

The difference is in the way you get these features: some of the built-in features of AliDropship Original Plugin are implemented in WooCommerce system as separate extensions and add-ons you will need to find and install separately. Learn more from this article:

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AliDropship vs. AliDropship for WooCommerce: What’s the best dropshipping plugin?

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