👉 How to Make a WordPress Website Quickly – Walkthrough All Steps For Beginners (2020)

This video will show you everything you need to know about how to make a website with WordPress. Specifically, how to choose and buy a domain name and webhosting, how to install WordPress, how to install Astra and Elementor and then finally how to import a professiona Astra Starter site for your business.

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Steps in this tutorial:
1) Choose a domain name – 4:49
2) Buy a web host and domain with Bluehost – 7:52
3) Install WordPress – 16:38
4) Install Elementor Pro & Astra Pro – 18:29
5) Import your professional starter website – 22:03

We’ll be covering every single step and you can watch me do it and then follow along!

Let’s get to it!


If you haven’t already started a business or a brand then think carefully. DO NOT go for an “exact match domain”. For example if you are dog walking in New York, do not create www.newyorkdogwalking.com because Google will find it very difficult to differentiate your website from the general sentence and has been known to begin punishing websites trying “trick the system”. Instead, be brandable – something like HealthyPaws.com

Next check if your brand is taken on namecheap.com because it has an excellent domain searcher. Also cross-check your brand with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

If no website exists, but a social network profile exists then feel free to throw on a country modifier. Eg. HealthyPawsUSA for your profiles.


There are no shortages of web hosts and domain registers to choose from and to be honest… unless your web traffic exceeds a large amount then the differences will largely irrelevant.

I chose Bluehost & Siteground in my example because I have used both and can attest to their ease of use and relatively cheap hosting (always read the fine print when purchasing! Some up the price after your first “Term”).


If you went with Bluehost then I’ll walk you through this process. If you bought it from Siteground then the process is largely similar but not quite as streamlined. Feel free to contact me on the Facebook group if you have any issues but it’s fairly self explanatory.

Choose any theme you want if given the option – we will be overriding this in the next section


This is where the real magic in web design has happened in the past 2 years or so and I LOVE IT. This is the reason we can by-pass a web developer.

Astra is the overarching shell for our website and is extremely fast and customizable. Astra Pro gives us more options with regards to the overall theme as well as giving us access to their starter sites. This saves HOURS AND HOURS of time while also looking professional.

Elementor is the page builder within WordPress. This allows us to simply drag and drop and click buttons to customize the website instead of coding. The Pro version of Elementor gives us more “Widgets” (things you can add to your website) but is absolutely required for the next part of the upcomming tutorials. If you don’t feel like buying it then I completely understand but you may have to deal with quite a few work arounds in the future.


As I mentioned before Astra Pro gives us full access to over 100+ starting websites. Many are industry optimized already, but we will make a few tweaks. Feel free to find one that suits your business needs, but remember that you can customize just about everything. In fact, every single one of these themes were made USING Elementor, so it’s no wonder that we can just change it all.


That sums up everything we covered in the video but I advise you to watch it because there are a few tips that will make your life easier for managing it all.

Hope you guys enjoyed and if you have any questions you can find me on the Facebook Group or you can leave a comment on Youtube!

Till next time – Keep hustling!

For Business Enquiries reach out to hustlefortime@gmail.com

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👉 How to Make a WordPress Website Quickly – Walkthrough All Steps For Beginners (2020)

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