☑️ #53 How To Send WordPress Emails Using Gmail SMTP With WP Mail SMTP?

#53 How To Send WordPress Emails Using Gmail SMTP With WP Mail SMTP?

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Hello everyone, so in this tutorial, we are going to check how we can send emails in WordPress using WP Mail SMTP plugin. So to do that first of all login to your dashboard and click on plugins and then click on add new, we are going to add that plug-in which is WP mail SMTP. So this is the first one which will come which is from WP forms and then click on Install Now and click on activate. Alright so then go to the settings of this plugin so here you can provide your Gmail account or your g-suite account in this case I’m using my g-suite email here.

You can check first from email, and you can provide a from name here and in our case we are going to use Gmail so we can click on Gmail here, and after that we need to select set the return path to match from email which is this right, and you can also choose force from name as well, and if you go down now you will need two things here client ID and client secret. Now how we will do that is we have to go to this documentation, and in this documentation, if we go down, it will give us the option to create a web application.

So what are you to do is you need to open this link right so here you can select the option yes or no, for now, I’m selecting no, and then you can agree with the after reading all these documents you can agree and click on agree and continue. Now here we can click on go to credentials, and here we can select web server and here we can select user data and then click on what credentials do I need. Now what you can do is you can go back to the dashboard and copy this and come back here and paste it here this information and click on create OAuth client ID and here in this product name you can just type the same thing and click on continue, and after that click on I will do this later and after this click on this edit icon and here you can see the client ID and the client secret so copy here and paste this here, then again copy the secret and paste it here after you have pasted the client ID, and client secret you can click on save settings after the settings are saved go down, and you will have to now click on allow plug-in to send emails using your Google Account.

Here you can choose your account and then click on the allow button. After this is done you can go to the email test tab, and you can do a test, any of your email accounts and then click on send the email and you’re getting the message email was sent successfully. So this means that the WP-Mail SMTP plug-in is successfully connected and it’s working properly. So that’s how you send WordPress email using WP mail SMTP plug-in. In the next tutorial, we are going to check how to add contact form 7 for WordPress blog.

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☑️ #53 How To Send WordPress Emails Using Gmail SMTP With WP Mail SMTP?

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