how to secure a website – how hackers hack websites ? how to secure wordpress website

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How to secure websites using SecureDash?
Using SecureDash 10-in-1 website security solution you can secure your website from many of the malware issues and attacks such as DDOS protection, CrawlBot, Fake WAP, MySQL Injection, AutoFileMod, Phishing, Brute Force, Malware Scan, ClickJacking, .htaccess, Virus Rack, Cookie Theft, Foreign Ping, Waterhole Attacks and VirtuLoad.

how to secure wordpress website – 2019.

It can work with any HTML, PHP, WordPress site or even ASP.NET website or any Sales Page etc. No technical skill is required as only one small piece of code only that you need to insert in your website at header or footer section and can protect your website with 10 different types of hacking or malware attacks. That is why we say SecureDash is a 10 in 1 website security solution. SecureDash offers you realtime protection from attack and it even works when you are away from computer.

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Here’s EXACTLY What You Get IN THE BOX:
Tool #1: DDoS Monitoring – to stop Botnets from targeting you,
Tool #2: Blocks MySQL Injections – to eliminate “cross-scripting” type of attacks,
Tool #3: Stops Brute Force Password Hacking – to make it impossible to penetrate your system,
Tool #4: Closes Down .htaccess Vulnerability – to ensure your file permissions are set correctly,
Tool #5: Foreign Ping Prevention – to put an end to lurkers, trolls & malicious agents from overseas.
Tool #6: CrawlBot – to secure your site from crawlers,
Tool #7: AutoFileMod – to scan your entire server configurations & alert you about risky file permissions,
Tool #8: Malware Scan – to monitor for malware,
Tool #9: Virus Rack – to detect & mitigate viruses,
Tool #10: Watering Hole Attacks – this is the sneakiest attack ever, SecureDash stops it dead.

Few Features That Makes SecureDash Amazing:
Works on any website, Works in 60 seconds, Works discreetly, Works around the clock 24/7/365, Prevent attacks in real time.

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how to secure a website – how hackers hack websites ? how to secure wordpress website

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