LocalSEOMap – How to get Top Local SEO Rankings for Your WordPress Website

In this video guide I’ll show you how to use LocalSEOMap (which you can find at as your tool for generating top local seo rankings for your local service-area clients.

I’ll go ahead and use a spreadsheet you’re free to copy called “LocalSEOMap Keyword Template” and Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest free keyword tool to find some really valuable keywords worth targeting. (

Since our client is a soft-story retrofitting contractor in Los Angeles, I’ll go ahead and enter in my spreadsheet’s Service x City tab the main services and cities we’re looking to target.

Let’s go ahead and create our keyword list which will be made up of all the possible service and city combinations.

We can now copy our keyword list and paste it into our spreadsheet’s “Ranking Value” tab.

Let’s evaluate our keyword list and find more great keywords using Ubersuggest. We’ll start out by copying our first keyword and pasting it into Ubersuggest’s Keyword Ideas tool.

The tool returns 72 keyword ideas as well as information about each of the keywords such as its monthly search volume and CPC. The CPC is the average cost you’d pay Google if you wanted to be seen as an ad.

Let’s go ahead and sort the results by Volume and copy those that have 20 or more searches per month.

Now, let’s head back to our spreadsheet and paste these results in our Ranking Value tab below the original list we created.

We’ll go ahead and place each of the values from the list we just pasted into the corresponding columns of the spreadsheet.

As we can see ubersuggest helped us find four additional valuable keywords.

Let’s break up these new keywords into service and city parts so that we can easily repeat this process for our other locations.

Because Ubersuggest provided us not only with great keyword suggestions, but also with their search volume and CPC, we can use this spreadsheet to see the estimated value of a number one to number ten ranking for each of these keywords. A number one position for “soft story retrofit Los Angeles” for example carries an estimated value of $938 per month. A number 3 ranking for this keyword is worth about $600 per month.

We can now repeat this process for each of our original keywords to find all the services we should focus on in each of the cities we service. To save time, let’s take a look at a spreadsheet I’ve already prepared earlier.

My goal, of course, is to capture as many top rankings as possible for all of my keywords. To do this, I first need to know my Primary and Secondary keywords. Let’s sort our spreadsheet by “Total Value” to easily label our keywords.

As we can see, the top three keywords are by far the most valuable and because they also correspond to services we offer, I’ll label them “Primary keywords.” Below them are keywords that carry a lesser but still meaningful value. Well call these our Secondary Keywords. At the bottom of the list are zero value keywords we can ignore.

Now that we have our Primary and Secondary keywords and we know they are valuable enough to justify the work it’ll take to give them top rankings, we can move on to the next step which is implementing a simple process that will achieve these rankings.

Thankfully, with our initial planning and the help of LocalSEOMap we’ll be on our way to great rankings in no time!

To be continued in the next video in this series…

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LocalSEOMap – How to get Top Local SEO Rankings for Your WordPress Website

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