Learn Creative Writing Lecture No 170 Setting up Your Own Blog WordPress, BlogSpot

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In this Course You will Learn about :

1. Introduction – Who are we
2. What is Creative and Business Writing
3. Different Types and Genres of Writing
4. Why would you want to Write
5. How can Writing Make you Money
6. Let’s Get Writing – What is Fiction Writing
7. Let’s Get Writing – Writing Fiction Comedy
8. Write Fiction Comedy Application & Technique P1
9. Write Fiction Comedy Application & Technique P2
10. Writing Fiction Suspense Horror
11. Fiction Suspense Horror Application & Technique
12. Fiction Suspense Horror Application & Technique
13. Let’s Get Writing – Writing Fiction Sarcasm
14. Writing Fiction Sarcasm Application & Technique
15. Let’s Get Writing – Writing Fiction Drama
16. Let’s Get Writing – Writing Fiction Poetry
17. Fiction Poetry Applications & Techniques Part 1
18. Fiction Poetry Applications & Techniques Part 2 Fiction
19. Poetry Applications & Techniques Part 3
20. Writing Fiction Limericks & Jingles
21. Fiction Limericks & Jingles Applications Part 1
22. Fiction Limericks & Jingles Applications Part 2
23. Writing Fiction Greeting Cards
24. Writing Fiction Greeting Cards Applications
25. What is Non Fiction Writing
26. Writing Narrative Non Fiction
27. Writing Creative Non Fiction
28. Writing Creative Non Fiction Biography
29. Writing Expository Non Fiction
30. Writing Informational Non Fiction
31. Writing Persuasive Non Fiction
32. Writing Argumentative Non Fiction
33. Writing Descriptive Nonfiction s
34. Writing Illustrative Non Fiction
35. Introduction to Phases of Writing
36. Practicing while Unemployed
37. Importance and Strategies of Planning
38. Phases of Writing – Why Research
39. Phases of Writing – Strategies for Research
40. Phases of Writing – Conducting an Interview
41. Discussion with Novelist, Story Writer
42. Phases of Writing – Organizing the Text
43. Writing, Finding Flow, Facing Writer’s Block
44. Practical Guide to Breaking Writer’s Block
45. Why Review, Evaluate, Edit and Rewrite
46. Phases of Writing – Criteria for Editing
47. Why Rewrite Finding the Motivation
48. Summary of Phases of Writing
49. Phases of Writing – Text Evaluation Stories
50. Text Evaluation Fact Based Articles
51. Text Evaluation Business, Reports, Proposal etc
52. importance of Grammar and Punctuation
53. Reading for Better Grammar and Punctuation
54. Reading for Writing Samples and Strategies
55. Grammar and Punctuations – Verbs
56. Grammar and Punctuation – Nouns
57. Grammar and Punctuation – Adjectives
58. Grammar and Punctuation – Adverbs
59. Use of Punctuation, Common Errors
60. Grammar and Punctuation – Use of Capitalization
61. Grammar and Punctuation – Use of Pronouns
62. Grammar and Punctuation – Use of Conjunctions
63. Sentence Structure & Personal Style
64. Grammar and Punctuation – Opening Sentences
65. Using Parts of Speech for Sentence Variation
66. What is Mainstream Media
67. Writing Entertainment Applications & Techniques
68. What is Writing for Information and News
69. information and News Applications & Techniques
70. What is Writing for Investigation and Reviews
71. Writing Scripts for TV, Cinema and Radio
72. Writing for TV & Radio Talk Shows
73. Writing a Press Release
74. Writing a Media Alert
75. Writing an Article and Photo ops for Print
76. Writing an Editorial and Letter to the Editor
77. Online Media & Importance Content Marketing
78. Types of Online Media Writings and Requirement
79. Writing Entertainment Website Content
80. Writing Information for Website Content
81. Writing for Online Media Link SEO and SEM
82. Writing for Static Graphic Online Content
83. Writing for Video Online Content
84. Writing and Responding to Comments and Messages
85. Writing for Facebook Status, Top Text & FB Ads
86. Writing for Online Media Instagram
87. What is Copywriting
88. Types of Copywriting
89. What does a Copywriter do
90. Writing Slogans
91. Most famous Taglines Slogans
92. Everyday Creativity – What is Creativity
93. 12 Traits of Creative people
94. Mental Habits to Engender Creativity
95. Tips for Visualizing Imagining
96. Finding your Voice, Enriching your Text
97. Importance of Personal Stories
98. Practical Tips for Photography
99. presentation Skills – What is a Presentation

100. How to Make a Prezi Presentation P2
101. Introduction to Forms of Business Writing
102. Business Writing – Writing a Proposal
103. Blogging Observation, Analysis, Forming Opinion
104. Blogging Self Assessment for Writing Skills
105. Setting up Your Own Blog – WordPress, BlogSpot
106. Blogging – Writing Jobs for Everyone
107. Monetizing Blog, Setting Realistic Expectations
108. Guest Speaker, Expert Blogger
A digitally literate population with marketable digital skills that is gainfully engaged in a vibrant economy through dedicated, committed and excellent trainings.

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Learn Creative Writing Lecture No 170 Setting up Your Own Blog WordPress, BlogSpot

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