Setup Smart Push Notification WordPress Plugin Step By Step

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WP wordpress push notification messages
– We provide a complete solution to send desktop and mobile push notification messages to IOS, Android, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Windows 10, Windows Phone 8,8.1 and BlackBerry 10 platforms. Also support Titanium, PhoneGap, Cordova and Corona apps.
With this plugin you have your own push notification system like and but to send with no limit as the system connect directly with Apple & Google servers to send the push notification messages.
Also we connect directly with Chrome, Safari and Firefox push servers to send the push messages without any third-parties to send the push messages directly to your website visitors even they are not opening or browsing your websites 🙂
Also desktop push notification works with the same browsers on smart phones so it will work as you send a mobile push notification to these visitors 🙂
– The plugin are those who have an mobile app and would like to send push notification messages
Or who have a website and want to send desktop push notification for their visitors.
– The plugin can connect with any table in any database that contains the data of the device tokens.

-Support platforms iOS/Android
-Feedback service to IOS/Android to find and deactivate the invalid devices (i.e. Devices that uninstall your app)
-Give you a detailed report after sending operation is done
Insert the device tokens data and prepare to send in queue system
-Connect and send the messages in queue system which prevents any overloads on server
-Pause/Resume preparing and sending operation at any time
Send 1 million message in 20 minutes (Tested on Hostgator shared hosting Hatchling package)
-Determine an expire time for your messages
-Customise the “Slide to read” sentence in IOS
-Reconnecting automatically if happened any errors like push servers is not responding
-Send extra values with your message in JSON or normal form (i.e. Used from developers to send values like item ID, URL top open etc.)
-Handling any errors from servers while sending operation like:
Server is not responding or unavailable for this moment and there is ability to reconnect automatically
If there is any problem with Google API key
If the size of message greater than the allowed size from Google
If Apple refuse the certification file and the password phrase
If Apple send error to refuse the payload size
-Give you error if there are some functions your server does not support them
-Connect and read the device token values from any custom table at any -Localhost/Remote database
-Connect with multi database in the same time
-Categorize the subscribers by using the channels system
-Processing the text message for sending as much as possible number of characters
-Smart to cut your message if it exceeds the allowed size from Apple
-Wonderful easy panel for watching and processing the sending operation
-Watch instant log while sending push messages that informs you the connection status, server responding and any errors related to the sending operation
-Easy to setup easy to use

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Setup Smart Push Notification WordPress Plugin Step By Step

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