Rectifying "This webpage has a redirect loop" in my WordPress blog!

Hiee guys, [Read This]

This problem can be caused by different reasons on your site, so check some blog posts on net about this problem and try to figure out which is the suitable solution for you!

Anyways, here my case is different, a permalink redirector plugin got crashed in the recent wp 4.4 update and this led to the problem! But in your case, the reasons can different which causing the problem! So be attentive!

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So I wanna share the procedure how I solved this and also tips for you about how to solve this problem if you face in future!

– “This webpage has a redirect loop


Well, coming to my story!

what I’ve done all these 3 days:

1)De-activated plugins one by one and checked which plugin causing this problem!

– Firstly, I de-activated my “Permalink Finder (404 errors)” plugin, ‘coz this is a url redirector plugin, so I & some friends thought that whether this plugin only causing the problem!
= but No USE :/

Then De-activated all plugins one by one and checked simultaneously whether the error is gone for the few blog posts I’m facing! = but No USE :/

2) Changed the theme, = but No USE :/

3) even, i changed my .ht access to default .ht acesss file by following this post –
= but No USE :/

4) Deleted all plugins in my Wp and optimised the tables in Cpanel!
= but No USE :/


So I & my friends got confused where’s the problem and how to solve it! Some people told me to contact hosgtr support team, So I waited for almost 1 hr to connect to the chat team of hostgator and finally, told all my story to that chat guy! He too took my Cpanel and looked everything, but in the end he too got failed! :/ He said He’ll submit this problem to higher admins and they will reply soon to me in emails!


So, I’m depressed literally. And today, I’ve just causally asked my friend Arjun to solve it, so he took all my login credintals of Wp, Hostgtr! And he too got failed in the first 30 mins, and then later he found the solution. The “Permalink Finder (404 errors)” plugin got crashed in the recent wp 4.4 update!

So here the solution,

Login to Cpanel, and then going to

phpMyAdmin – database – Table: wp_postmeta – SQL – removing “Wp_old-Slug”

So original syntax is “Server: localhost »Database: avi76_wrdp1 »Table: wp_postmeta”

So that’s it! 😀 After deleting Wp_old-Slug, the error is gone to the posts which are effected!

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So the whole problem is occured by the redirect plugin’s conflict! :3

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Rectifying "This webpage has a redirect loop" in my WordPress blog!

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