How to Create a WordPress Blog / Website using Hostgator (a couple of clicks! – 2019)

How to Start a Website/Blog (using WordPress & Hostgator) – perfect for beginners.

This video shows you, step by step, how to start a WordPress website on Hostgator. Maybe you want to create a blog or maybe you want a small business website – WordPress is the perfect solution.

To sign up for Hostgator:

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Many people want to learn how to make a website for free, but I recommend a self-hosted solution. I show you how to install wordpress on hostgator in this video and in our FREE comprehensive course showing you to create a website (including steps to take after this video below:

Written Steps can be found on my website:

So you’re starting a website, congratulations!

You’re not 100% sure what to do and that’s totally fine.  I’ve put together this quick video walk through (also written below for easy reference) so you can get everything going.

It’s simple, cheap, and only takes a few clicks and its cheaper than professional website design.  Installing WordPress is dead easy! So let’s get to it…

First, Sign up for Hostgator.
I’ve done the research and tested many websites over the years and Hostgator is the best option to start with.  The prices are cheap and the service is extremely reliable.

So head over to Hostgator here to sign up.

I recommend using ‘cloud hosting’ and the ‘baby cloud’ plan as you can create more than one website. Although I used ‘Hatchling’ in the video as it was for demonstration purposes.

Fill out the form and payment, choosing any extras you’re like (the backup plan and added security is handy). Then when you’ve filled it all out and ticked the right boxes, click ‘Checkout Now’.

It may take up to a day for your domain name and hosting to be activated.

Now, let’s install WordPress
Your account is set up and everything is ready for to start building your WordPress website! It’s a simply process so let’s get into it…

Hostgator will email your credentials through, so log into your Hostgator dashboard and click on the Hosting Tab. Next, click ‘Hosting Dashboard’.

Once there, you’ll see ‘WordPress – 1 Click Installation’, click that icon.

Select your domain, leave the directory blank (it will say directory still) and click ‘Next’.

Fill out your:

Blog Title – title of your website
Admin User – choose a unique name that’s hard to guess.  Don’t us ‘admin’ or the name of your site as it can be a security to risk touse an easily guessable admin username
First name & Last Name – Self explanatory
Admin Email – To receive all website notifications on.
Make sure you have both boxes ticked below (‘automatically create a new database’ and the Terms of Service).
Click Install.
Sit and chill for 2 minutes.

Now the WordPress is installed!
You’ll see your installation details on the right, copy those to a text document somewhere for future reference.  Also you login address will be your domain name with ‘/wp-login.php’ added to the end (example: ).  So save that address to a text file too.

Using those details, log in and check out the WordPress dashboard!

When you’re ready to remove your coming soon page, go to the ‘Plugins’ menu on the left in your WordPress dashboard and deactivate the ‘Mojo Marketplace’ plugin.

What’s the next step?
You’re yet to find a WordPress theme (if you want a customizable theme, I recommend Divi), set up your security and get your content together (among other things).

I offer a free Email course which walks you through all of these steps, so if you’re wanting to get things set up properly, consider checking out that course out here.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t yet signed up for Hostgator – you can visit their website using the link at the top of this description.

Otherwise, thanks for watching and reading. 

Why do I use WordPress and Hostgator?

WordPress is one of the easiest platforms in the world to leanr and use and it’s also the most powerful. You can get started in minutes and have a website that lasts for years and you can even build an income with it.

If you’re keen to learn more about WordPress, they do have an official website:

I’ve tried many hosts in the past and most of them have issues that make life a nightmare. So I switched and did a heap of comparison research for hosting companies in the cheap price range – I found Hostgator outperforms in all aspects and since switching Ive never had any issues. This is especially true for their cloud hosting plans.

So get started today, watch the video and learn how to get started!

For my Free Beginners Email Course:

Learn how to get your business or blog online, reaching more people and making more money!

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How to Create a WordPress Blog / Website using Hostgator (a couple of clicks! – 2019)

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