How to backup wordpress site – Effective ways to back up your website

Wordpress backup – Protect your site from being offline or losing content

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In this video we discuss about How to take a Backup of your site. And how to use the backup, when required.I’ll talk about 2 effective ways to back up your WordPress website.

WordPress Backup in 2018 should work on any hosting provider

Please keep in mind to that WP backup shouldn’t be done on your server. Because it might crash or get wiped out due to malware.

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While creating websites is great, it is also important to take backups very seriously. Though we never expect, something bad to happen to our websites, we always need to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

By taking a backup, you can keep copies of your website, which will help you when something goes wrong.

In this video, we’ll take a look at how to create backups of our website easily.

To do this we would be needing an easy to use plugin known as the Updraft Plus WordPress Backup Plugin.

On the blog post, we talk about

1. Installing Backup Plugin

Click on plugins from your WordPress dashboard, and then click on add new. Search for “Updraft”, and you’ll find a couple of results.
Install the one named “Updraft Plus WordPress Backup Plugin” and then activate it.

2. Backup up using a service

Using a service such as ManageWP to do this

Step 3: Setting Up Automatic Backup
Up next, we would create an automatic backup which would ensure that backups are taken without our supervision.

If you use a plugin to backup your site, then you need to do this from the wordpress dashboard. Using a service such as ManageWP to backup your wordpress site – you do that from the interface at the service. This is a much easier options as its just one place to setup and store. Then one button click to restore.

How about cases when the whole site crashes, maybe due to a plugin or theme install? Such that we do not have access to our dashboard.

Three things would be done:

1. Remove the old installation of WordPress from your domain provider.
2. Install WordPress again on your domain.
3. Restore the backup.

The first and second steps vary according to domain provider, however number three goes across board.
For the third step, after the fresh Wordpres install; install the Updraft Plus WordPress Backup Plugin again.

On checking existing backups, nothing would be found. So under the current status tab, click on Google Drive and then follow the prompt to provide the needed access.
After checking existing backups, however click “rescan remote storage” and the backup would be displayed.
Click on the backup, tick all the boxes and restore the backup. Now the website should be up and running.

There you have it, your WordPress website would always be safe as long as you have it backed up regularly.

A third way to backup your wordpress site is with File Manager you are able to backup your WordPress plugins themes and images.
Whereas phpMyAdmin is used to backup WordPress database.

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How to backup wordpress site – Effective ways to back up your website

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