How I Improved My Website Speed In WordPress – Website Speed & SEO

How I Improved My Website Speed In WordPress – Website Speed & SEO

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For starters, please make sure when it comes to improving your website speed that you are re-visiting this on a consistent basis (maybe not every week), but at least once every month or so. Website speed is a metric that you will always want to be focused on. Remember, Google would rather rank a website higher in its search results that loads faster compared to a website that is super sluggish. They want to provide people with the best user experience possible.

The steps below allowed me to shave off 3 seconds of overall website loading speed. If you have a WordPress site yourself, some of these may be worth testing out.

1.) Got Rid of Unnecessary Plugins- I had many “inactive” WordPress plugins on my website that were just collecting virtual dust. I deleted all of these inactive plugins since they were providing zero value whatsoever to my website. I also went through my “active” plugins and deleted any that were not being used fully. This was a big cleaning and I ended up deleting around 8-10 plugins in total.

2.) Switched My Caching Plugin to WP Rocket- I originally was using W3 Total Cache plugin for my website, but after further research, WP Rocket seemed to be the one that everyone recommended. Once I installed this (and deleted W3 Total Cache…see step above), I immediately noticed improvement in my overall website speed.

3.) Downloaded a Plugin Called WP Optimize- This nifty little WordPress plugin cleans out a ton of unnecessary junk wishing your website and keeps your database less cluttered and efficient. It helps clean out blog post revisions, auto-draft posts, trashed posts, spam and trashed comments and a lot more. Definitely a plugin worth looking into and really easy to work.

4.) Compressed/Optimized all Images Using a Plugin Called Smush: If image files are too large, they will really slow down your website. Smush is a really simple plugin that helps compress, optimize and resize your images which can substantially increase your website speed (specially if you’re a blogger who uploads a lot of images).

Again, this was my first round of website speed edits, so I still do have a bunch more work to do. But overall the 4 steps above helped me increase my overall website loading speed by 3 seconds which I am very happy about.

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How I Improved My Website Speed In WordPress – Website Speed & SEO

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