Best WordPress Plugins | Free Must have WordPress Plugins (2019)

In this video, I go through a list of must have plugins that all WordPress websites should have installed, plus I talk about some plugins that make WordPress easier to use.

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Learn How to Use Elementor Plugin in a real Website Example:

Plugins Discussed in the video:

00:32 – W3 Total Cache
This is one of the really must have plugins I have for you and its purpose is caching.
With caching you can make your WordPress website way much faster. W3 Total Cache
is one of the best WordPress plugins that have to do with caching. It is a freemium
plugin and it has a lot of functionality that you can easily turn on and off.

01:17 – Smush
Smush does a simple task and trusts me, it does it well. Once installed this plugin will
begin optimizing your website’s performance by compressing all your website’s images.

02:00 – UpdraftPlus
This plugin is found amongst the most popular backup and restoration plugins of
WordPress. Surprisingly, most of the important functionality you need for a single
website is just FREE.

02:55 – WPS Hide Login
This is a really simple and lightweight plugin that can add an extra security layer on top
of your WordPress website. The way it works is simple. The plugin just changes the URL
path that points to your WordPress login page to a URL path of your choice. This will
block any adversary from trying to guess your password using the login page.

03:30 – Akismet
It is one of the plugins that come along with a WordPress clean install and its main
purpose is to check anything being posted on your WordPress website from contact
forms to comments. Akismet is using a global database of spam and thus can effectively
prevent spammers from publishing annoying and malicious content on your website.

03:58 – Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO is one of the most popular / best WordPress plugins out there for improving
the traffic of your website. It provides a full toolset of features that helps you take the
needed actions for optimizing each and every page or blog post found on your website.

05:00 – OneSignal
Remember that pop up that asks you every time you visit a new website to allow or block
notifications? That’s exactly what OneSignal does for your website. It allows for creating
a nice opt-in popup that enables the visitor’s device to listen for updates send from your

05:37 – Sumo
The plugin provides high-quality opt-in forms that visitors can use to subscribe to your
mailing list. Other than simple forms the plugin provides exit popups that engage with
the visitor just before he or she exits your website. Further on it allows for adding social
sharing buttons anywhere on your website for allowing visitors to tell the world about
your great content.

06:20 – Monster Insights
This plugin makes it effortless to connect WordPress with Google Analytics. This is done
as the plugin it removes the need for copy-pasting code snippets in your website.
Instead, you can install MonsterInsights and enable Google Analytic functions on your
website by flipping on and off switches.

07:32 – Elementor
With WordPress, we can use a page builder to enable ourselves to build a webpage
using a drag and drop interface. One of the most popular page builders out there is
Elementor. This plugin allows you to create pages by arranging blocks of content using
its easy drag and drop interface.

08:15 – HappyForms
With its high, five star rating and my personal experience using it, I can assure you that
you can build very cool forms with it. It supports drag and drops utilities for a more friendly
experience and it allows for CSS customizations that you can apply on each form field.

08:50 – Duplicate Post
With the click of a button, you can clone a blog post and this will allow you to easily
transfer any design, templates, patterns, and theme settings to a second blog post that
you can then edit.

09:27 – Worth The Read
This is just a simple and light-weight plugin that allows for a reading progress bar to
appear on the top of your pages or blog posts. 

09:50 – PrettyLinks
This is a simple to use yet powerful plugin that allows for shortening links using your own
website’s URL. This is especially helpful if you are doing affiliate marketing with the use
of links from other websites.

Tell me what you think about the plugins in the comments and please write any recommendations you may have for a future video!

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Best WordPress Plugins | Free Must have WordPress Plugins (2019)

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