100% Website Speed Increase 2020: Fix a Slow Loading 478% Faster WordPress

Why your website taking too much time to load?? How do I make my website load faster? how to speed up the website?? Optimization Technique… Here are the most common WordPress reasons for slow website speed loading times, and also we have a solution on how to fix a slow loading website. Hindi or English Improving speed and Performance faster in just 30 minutes.

Table of Content:
0:17 Website Speed Testing Tool Pingdom and GTmatrix
1:04 Realtime slow and faster website report for Customer Website and DomainRacer
2:27 Request Counter Understanding for Improve Speed (Brief to understand exact cause).
3:34 First Reason Why WordPress Website Loading Extremely slower?
4:03 speed solution to Solve the Request Counter issue.
5:05 General Information to optimize website will cover the upcoming part
5:55 Another website hosted on the same server to understand server speed concept.
10:07 Customer Complain About speed of Website and understand facts
11:02 Now exact points to optimize or increase website concern started.
11:43 Now start to increase website speed exactly how?
14:46 How to optimize the image for speed example 001?
16:13 Here itself 2x website speed increase by doing this small change.
17:04 Two ways you can optimize images will give you at least 300% speed boost
18:54 Three ways by which you can get faster speed with the help of images.
19:28 Final contact Developer and enjoy the fastest website ever.

**Top reasons which slow down your website**

1. Unoptimized Images
2. More use of JS and CSS files
3. Too Much Flash Content
4. Excessive HTTP Requests
5. Not Making Use of Caching Techniques
6. Unclean Code
7. Not Using gZIP Compression
8. Too Many Ads or Increased request counter
9. Not Using a CDN Service
10. Bad Hosting

**The solution to fix a slow loading website**

1. Test your website speed: 1. Pingdom speed test tool 2. GTmetrix
2. Get a better host for your website
3. Optimize and Reduce the Size of Your Images/optimize your content/optimize CSS file
4. Minimize Your Images & Minimize HTTP requests
5. Use a Cloudflare
6.Minify and combine files

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100% Website Speed Increase 2020: Fix a Slow Loading 478% Faster WordPress

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