Shopify, WooCommerce, or NOT – OH MY with Phyllis Khare

Hey again – if you saw or listened to my last episode you’ll know the online ecommerce pain is REAL. The last episode I talked about the creation side of things – now let’s grouse about the presentation side of things — the store — the shop – the place online where people can BUY the stuff you create.

Now, I’m ALL FOR having a real brick and mortar store — I still fantasize about that (see my Pinterest board for all the cool stuff I would put in one).

But I want to focus on the Online version of a physical store. Now I know a LOT of people have been fully in the space for a long time and have it figured out – but those of US who are just dropping into this space it can be VERY confusing.


So here’s an example of one type of step-up:

Shopify → with several drop shipping apps installed → connected to your Facebook Page → connected to an Instagram business account. This is the set up I have in play right now

OR WooCommerce installed on your WordPress website → connected to your Fulfilled by Amazon account.

BUT – and this is a big but people –

Not ALL the places you have STUFF has a Shopify app. So, I can’t sell my VIDA scarves IN my Shopify store — I can only direct people to my VIDA store.

Again, not ideal. Remember what I want —

I just want One dropship interface where I can put ALL the Stuff created by ONE supplier into my OWN Storefront.

Sigh. Why is this so hard?

Inside your Shopify store, you can integrate Your Facebook Page, Messenger, Pinterest, get the code for a buy button to put on another website — lots of lovely options there.

Do you have an ecommerce store? Do you sell t-shirts and other STUFF? I need some help here!

Because once you have your store together and everything looks beautiful you still have to market it – right? No one will ever find it unless you figure out a way to share it – in a way that really stands out –

(opera voice)

OK people – back to work.
Please Like, Share and Comment – in any particular order – love you.

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Shopify, WooCommerce, or NOT – OH MY with Phyllis Khare

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